To Keep Flights on Schedule, You Work in Bad Weather.

Stay Protected with RefrigiWear.

Airports run even when the weather is bad. From cold weather to torrential downpours, as an airport / airline employee, you need protection from the temps and the conditions. Not only do you need to stay warm and dry, you need to stay seen to stay safe.

At RefrigiWear, we know how important cold weather protection is for airline / airport employees. We have ANSI HiVIs gear, enhanced visibility gear, and even gear rated to -40°, -50°, and -60° so you can handle the job no matter what.

Questions about outfitting your team? Contact Mitch Harden at mharden@refrigiwear.com.

The Sole of Slip-Resistant, Durable Work Boots

The right outsole is the foundation for the best work boots. 

Staying Safe in Low Visibility or High Traffic Conditions

When to choose enhanced visibility or ANSI HiVis protective gear

Gearing Up for Cold Work

RefrigiWear helps protect you from the unique conditions and challenges you face working outdoors all year long.

Why and When to Wear a Vest for Warmth

Core warmth is vital to protecting your entire body. Vets are a great way to keep warm in cold temps.

Own the Cold

If bad weather and cold temps don’t scare you, you’re our kind of people. 

Grip in Any Weather

The Waterproof High Dexterity Gloves make it easy to handle the job, no matter the conditions

Take it to the Extreme

Built to keep you warm and protected down to -60°F (yup, NEGATIVE SIXTY), the HiVis Extreme Softshell Jacket is the ultimate protection. 

The Best Fit All Shift

With the Boa® Fit System for the perfect, snig fit, the Extreme Hiker boots make it easy to stay on your feet all shift long. 

CoolerWeartm Trousers

I'm buying another pair!

Submitted on 12/12/2019 7:59 AM by Chris the aircraft mechanic from Oscoda, MI

I looove these so much! I wear them all of the time. And for the price?? Perfect. I can just wear these on the coldest of days at the airport outside working on a plane no thermals with it and only have on boxers and can't feel a thing. I love'em.