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Hivis or Enhanced Visibility gear?

Staying Safe in Low Visibility or High Traffic Conditions

When to Choose Enhanced Visibility or ANSI HiVis Protective Gear

Working in the cold is hard enough. When you throw in low light, obstructions, fast moving traffic or a high amount of moving vehicles / machinery, your job gets doubly hazardous. When you need to stay warm, stay safe and still get the job done, insulated gear that also offers added visibility needs to be your go-to. 

Skip the Mesh Vest

Why worry about built-in visibility features when HiVis mesh vests exist? Safety and durability. Mesh HiVis vests are great for visitors or those that don’t spend a lot of time in areas where vests are needed. But flimsy mesh vests can be a hazard for workers that spend the entire shift in low-visibility or high-traffic areas. They can snag and tear. They are easily misplaced or forgotten. When insulated gear and added visibility are needed, choosing durable gear that has that visibility built-in is the best option. It prevents snags, can’t be as easily misplaced or forgotten and often offers additional benefits to enhance productivity and safety.

The question is, then, do you need “high visibility” or “enhanced visibility” gear? 

ANSI High Visibility

ANSI has different certifications for different HiVis gear. Which class is required depends on the conditions of the job. Whether your job requires Class 1, 2 or 3, we’ve got insulated gear certified to those standards. We offer protective gear in both HiVis lime and HiVis orange colors. (Did you know? Choosing to outfit new employees in a different HiVis color than your standard can reduce accidents.)

HiVis gear can show the dirt and grime of the job more than black gear, so we offer a few solutions to combat the signs of a rough shift. We have several two-tone options that are still ANSI certified, with black at the bottom in high contact areas. We also treat our HiVis gear with a Teflon° coating to fight and repel soil.

Many of our HiVis products have the reflective tape heat bonded rather than sewn on. This removes a snag point and keeps the tape on longer. To stay safe from head to toe, choose our HiVis headwear and gloves to go with your HiVis insulated gear. We also offer CSA certified HiVis gear with an X-Back to indicate if someone is facing you as you approach. 

Enhanced Visibility

Don’t have a need for fully HiVis ANSI certified gear, but feel like a little extra visibility would do the trick? We offer Enhanced Visibility options that have added features like reflective tape, HiVis paneling or reflective piping. For example, our Enhanced Visibility Insulated Softshell Jacket has segmented reflective tape on black fabric. Showing dirt and grime isn’t an issue and the reflective tape provides added safety. Our ChillBreaker® Plus Cap and Frostline™ Cap have a reflective stripe sewn in, for that added touch of visibility and safety.

What works best for you depends on your specific environment and the types of jobs being performed. But whether you need just a touch of visibility or head-to-toe ANSI Class 3 protection, we’ve got the gear to keep you warm, productive and visible.