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RefrigiWear makes some of the world’s toughest, most dependable garments for protection from the cold. We manufacture it with your warmth, your comfort and your safety in mind—for work, play and everyday use.

For more than 60 years, RefrigiWear has put our garments through some of the harshest working conditions known to man…from freezing temperatures in the food industry to men and women working on pipelines sub-zero conditions. We have also oufitted consumers living and working in cold conditions with garments ranging from our iconic Iron-Tuff Collection to our best-sellers in the Signature Collection


Give every customer warmth, comfort and safety by never compromising on quality or forgetting the most important thing we protect—YOU.

Over 200,000 people wear RefrigiWear products to work every day. Plus, we have many thousands more that choose RefrigiWear for their everyday life because of our focus on comfort, quality and functionality in cold weather. When it's cold, being reliable and tough is what helps us give people peace of mind that they can be protected against the elements and continue doing what they enjoy doing.

Providing you with comfort and warmth is not just a part of our business plan –it is our reason to exist.

RefrigiWear garments have been put to the test in the harshest conditions since our founding in the mid-1950s, and we have never stopped developing new technologies and functional design to keep people warm ever since. Today, we are the most trusted name for cold-environment protection in many markets, both indoors and outdoors. Our dedication to serving all cold environments, not focusing solely on indoor or outdoor markets, makes us, and our products, unique.  

Our formula is simple. We start by asking ourselves will it be warm. Then we make it durable for use every day, 8 hours or more a day. And then, we look for ways to make it comfortable and as functional as possible for a variety of work or play activities. And finally, we ask –“Do we want to put our name on it?” This last question is perhaps most important because if it doesn't meet our high expectations, we will not deliver it to our customers. 

Over the years, we have delivered new designs that have become popular in mainstream fashion, like with our Softshell Collection, but only after we have "RefrigiWear-ized" it to help keep people warmer and more comfortable in the cold. Today, we offer a wide range of styles to meet our growing number of loyal customers. 

Our Core Values were instituted to form a cohesive RefrigiWear culture, dedicated to making the company a great place to work and an exceptional partner for our customers. 

    We are fully committed to product excellence and quality and exceeding your expectations with every product we deliver. Read our Quality Statement for more.

    We work with customers to find the right solutions and take pride in providing unparalleled services. See our Nation Wide Customer Service Map for more.

    We always engage our employees to get new ideas on making our company better and a great place to work.

    The RefrigiWear family is the center of our Core Values. We treat each other like family and actively encourage volunteerism and giving back to the community.