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RefrigiWear History

Since we opened our doors in 1954, RefrigiWear has been dedicated to providing the best protection from the cold. This doesn’t just mean warmth – it means durability, performance, and above all else quality. This dedication was instilled in the company by our founder, Myron Breakstone.

Working in his family’s dairy, Myron saw the difficulties workers had in keeping warm and maintaining high performance. Bulky wool coats over multiple layers kept them warm, but hindered their movement due to the thickness and weight. In addition, his experiences in Northern Italy during World War II enhanced his first-hand knowledge of working in cold temperatures. Observing the challenges of keeping warm, he knew there must be a better way.

He founded the Insulated Clothing Manufacturing Company in 1952, but had to close due to lack of capital. Then, in 1954 with his new brother-in-law, Mortimer Malden, as a partner the RefrigiWear Clothing Company started doing business in Manhattan, NY.

Since then we’ve moved a few times, ending at our current location in Dahlonega, GA in 1991.  We’ve grown from serving just food service workers to multiple industries, including consumers needing to keep warm while hunting, fishing, hiking or doing other outdoor sports. We are just as dedicated as Myron to providing the best way to stay warm without losing performance.

Founded as the Modern Way to Keep Warm, RefrigiWear is still innovating with new styles and materials to this day. Check out our Signature Collection and new products to see how we are continuously working to protect you better. 

See the RefrigiWear Timeline to learn more and view pictures of RefrigiWear through the decades

RefrigiWear has 60 years of experience protecting those who work in the cold – indoors and out. How do we know our products work? We test them. See some of our current products in action in the image presentation below.