Cold Weather Outerwear for Construction Workers

Protecting yourself against the cold can often hinder the other aspects of your job – and construction workers can’t afford to lose productivity just because of cold weather. That is why RefrigiWear designed outdoor apparel for construction workers dealing with the elements – like insulated jackets, bibs and coveralls; gloves that protect against cold and impact while maintaining dexterity; work boots that let you stay on your feet all day comfortably; and moisture wicking base layers. In addition we also carry headwear, safety glasses and more. When the weather turns cold, construction workers need a brand they can trust for warmth, comfort and durability.   

Highly Recommend!

Submitted on 2/07/2019 3:21 PM by Marko from Silverthorne, CO

I wear this vest everyday working in construction in the mountains of Colorado. We have to wear HiVis onsite. Great layering piece under a heavier jacket. As it warms up and you need to strip a layer off, I still have my Hi-Vis. I can see wearing this vest for 9 months out of the year here.