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Stay Professional with Custom Embroidery

RefrigiWear has an in-house team at our Dahlonega, GA location to help you customize any of your RefrigiWear products. We offer direct embroidery, patches and heat-seal. Best of all, we deliver high-quality end products because we control every stage of the process. Here are some reasons embroidery may be great for your business.

First Impressions Count

A company logo on apparel adds professionalism and helps reinforce your brand with customers. Transform a shirt or hat from a piece of clothing into a uniform with the addition of your logo or a name, and create a lasting, professional impression with customers.

Create Advertising with Every Employee

Your company is always on display when your employees have your logo on their jackets, hats or shirts, promoting your company to everyone they meet.

It Can Be Used on Multiple Products

With options like direct embroidery, heat-seal or embroidered patches, you can display your logo on an entire uniform, from jackets and shirts to knit caps, ball caps, rain jackets and other items.

Add a Sense of Team Unity

Whether in sports or business, a team’s apparel helps them identify. The moment they are given a jacket or hat with logo, employees shift from a “them” to “us” mindset, generating more fraternity and team-building potential.

It Makes Our Products Yours

You get to make products your own when you add a logo, name, department, title or other type of embroidery to them. The possibilities are endless! You can truly create custom uniforms with our in-house services.