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Why Do You Need Cold Weather Bib Overalls?

For work or play, our cold weather bib overalls have your back.

When you need to be outside for work or just kicking back, nothing stops you, not even the cold. We get it, so we go beyond “good enough” to protect you in the worst cold, wet and windy conditions with our insulated bib overalls. Unlike average-joe overalls, RefrigiWear can keep you toasty on the jobsite or when you’re just fixing your truck or a fence. Rugged enough to handle a daily beating and stand the test of time, our bibs stand up to the dirt and grime that come with a hard day’s work. 


Put away the plumber’s crack. Our cold weather bibs have adjustable suspenders to keep your pants up and keep you comfortable and warm without making it more difficult to move. Say goodbye to constricting belts digging into your gut, too. You’ll sit more comfortably without feeling like a snake’s squeezing your midsection. Less fussing means more tackling and because our gear keeps your core warmer, your cracks hidden, and protects against winter’s worst, you’ll get more done, more comfortably, even in fiercely frigid temps.


Just how cold is your cold? The right gear depends on what you’ll be doing and the conditions you’ll be doing it in. If you’re working in hell-has-frozen-over conditions, you need heavy-duty protection. Get it with our PolarForce™ Bib Overalls with Performance-Flex. We’re talking serious defense from anything Mother Nature can dish out, like wet, windy, -40°F conditions. These overalls are water-repellent and wind-tight to keep ice, wind and moisture out while a silver lining traps warm body-heat inside for added warmth.

Along with the ultimate protection from the elements, our PolarForce Bib Overalls pack a punch when it comes to flexibility. The durable softshell outer layer makes it easy for you to move around. Performance-Flex, an expandable, ribbed design, covers key flex points like knees and sides and provides an even greater range of motion to tackle your to-do list.

Get better protection when you wear our PolarForce Bib Overalls with the PolarForce Sweatshirt with Performance-Flex to keep your upper body warm.

Even if it isn’t sub-zero, cold is cold and can distract you from your job. Our ComfortGuard® High Bib Overalls provide crazy comfort and crazy warmth – that hot-cup-of-joe kind of warmth – with a comfort rating down to -10°F conditions.

It’s made out of a rugged cotton denim material that can take a beating without backing down. Wind and water can’t sneak their way in to chill you to your bones in this gear. The ComfortGuard High Bib Overalls are wind-tight and water-repellent, putting the elements back in their place. And with eight pockets and a tool loop on the hip to keep your tools handy and organized, you’ll never be out of arm’s reach of hero status. 


Play hard. Look good. Stay warm.

When adventure calls, you don’t let the blistering cold hold you back. Go toe to toe with Frosty in the gear that’s got your back, like our Extreme Bib Overalls. These cold weather bib overalls are constructed with three durable layers of warmth-trapping material to keep you comfortable. The breathability of this material is perfect for high levels of activity since it allows sweat to evaporate instead of getting trapped inside and making you colder. With a comfort rating of -60°F (yes, that negative SIXTY degrees!), you can take on whatever awaits in the toughest, warmest gear.

The Extreme Bib Overalls also give you all the freedom of movement to bend, stretch or crouch. You’re safe from the elements with a water-repellent, lightweight softshell outer layer and adjustable Velcro straps around the waist and ankle that seal tight.

Take protection to the extreme with more gear from the Extreme Collection, including jackets, sweatshirts, performance gloves, and insulated boots.  

Like a little speed and adrenaline with your cold? In frigid environments, speed means wind and wind means you’ll feel colder than the temps suggest. We call this real feel. Protect yourself from the added chill that comes with speeding off on a snowmobile in a pair of bib overalls like the heavy-duty ErgoForce® Bib Overalls.

Tough, flexible and ready to work, these extreme cold bibs are 100% certified-waterproof and have a comfort rating of -30°F, providing the ultimate protection in blustery weather (think ice fishing with the wind skimming across the ice at 15 MPH). Thanks to the super abrasion resistant outershell, ErgoForce Bib Overalls can take a beating and come back for more every season.

For complete warmth, add the ErgoForce Jacket and go faster.

Whether you’re tackling home improvement projects or your bucket list, you’ll kick ass (without showing yours) in our insulated bib overalls. Stand up to the worst winter has to offer. Do more, shiver less.

Hear it from the hero

When it’s cold as hell but you still have a job to do, you need gear that’s tough enough to take on a yeti. We’re calling all hardworking heroes, to-do list tacklers, and champions of chill to share with us how you handle the cold. Send us an email with your story and a photo or post it right to Facebook or Instagram using #ReggieWorks. 

Kristen Schurr doesn’t let the harsh weather of Montana stand in her way of a good day’s work. She’s wearing our Women’s Pure-Soft Puffer Jacket and our Insulated Softshell Bib Overalls to conquer the cold so she can take care of business on the ranch. Get the gear and get to work.