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The Coldest Weather Places in America (and How to Stay Warm There)

At RefrigiWear, we know that no matter what the thermometer says, work’s still gotta get done. That even applies in places where winter temperatures drop below freezing—and stay there until spring. Today, we’re looking at 5 of the very coldest weather places in the US and how to stay warm so you can keep working hard.

Marquette, Michigan

There’s nothing like the double whammy of extreme low temps and a waterfront location. Situated on the edge of Lake Superior, Marquette is one of Michigan’s major ports, so a lot of jobs involve proximity to the water. That can be a challenge with winter temperatures that tend to stay in the teens and twenties. Thankfully, our ErgoForce Jacket gives you protection from the cold and the wet, with a completely waterproof design and a comfort rating of -30°F. It’s the perfect option for those winter days on the shipyard.

Aberdeen, South Dakota

South Dakota is known for its cold winters and Aberdeen is a prime example. With the lows hovering in the single digits, most people would want to shut the windows, build a fire and grab a blanket. However, that’s not an option for the many ranchers who live there. They have to spend their winter mornings taking care of the over 3 million cattle that populate the state. In case you were wondering, that’s 5 cattle for every one person who lives in South Dakota. Any ranch hand will tell you that working with livestock is an active job. You need to stay warm, but you can’t restrict your freedom of movement. That’s why our PolarForce Parka is designed with Performance-Flex on the elbows, back and under the arms, giving you the flexibility you need to get the jobs done. Plus, it protects you down to -40°F, so the cold won’t even cross your mind.

Duluth, Minnesota

Duluth is a city known for its intense winters, with an average low of 7°F. Like Marquette, it’s on the water, so you can expect some cold winds and lake effect snow (which is when cold air passing over the Great Lakes cause massive snow pileups.) Whether you’re a resident working outdoors or one of the many tourists who visit the beautiful city of Duluth each year, you need to be prepared for some serious winter conditions.

One of the best ways to be prepared is with our Frostline Jacket. With a super lightweight design and comfort rating of -25°F, it’s the perfect choice for working or playing in the cold.

Grand Forks, North Dakota

Grand Forks, North Dakota is one of the northern most cities in the continental US, so you can imagine just how cold it gets. The average low for the month of January is -3°F, and throughout the year, this area will accumulate over 47 inches of snow. In other words, a Grand Forks winter isn’t for wimps.

Good thing the Iron-Tuff Jackoat is just as tough as the men and women farming and ranching in the North Dakota winter. With a comfort rating of -50°F, you won’t find a winter too cold to face. Iron-Tuff has been keeping workers is the roughest conditions safe and warm for over 65 years, so it’s already proven to be the jacket you need next time you find yourself in Grand Forks.

Fairbanks, Alaska

Finally, the most extreme cold temps in America deserves the most extreme cold weather jacket you can find. Fairbanks, Alaska is the coldest city in all of America, with a bone-chilling lowest recorded temperature of -66°F. During January, the average high is 0° F. That’s not a typo. We said the high is zero degrees!

This is the kind of cold you don’t mess around with. Good luck finding a warm enough jacket at your basic clothing store or even from other providers of so-called “cold weather gear.” When you’re working in a winter like this, you want the only work jacket that can keep you protected down to -60°F. You want the Extreme Softshell Jacket from RefrigiWear.