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Stay Safe and Seen with Our Collection of High Visibility Vests, Jackets and Clothing

At RefrigiWear, we take pride in making high quality insulated clothing for almost every work environment and task. If you’re working hard in the cold, RefrigiWear is there. One of the most common special workplace requirements is high-visibility clothing. These clothes are ultra-bright and day-glo colored, but they’re not for going to a party—they’re for keeping you safe and seen on the job. HiVis clothing helps vehicle and equipment operators see other employees and avoid an accident. They’re a requirement for lots of different industries, and not having them on hand can lead to OSHA fines or, even worse, injuries. Fortunately, Refrigi- Wear’s got you covered.

When and Where Is HiVis Clothing Required?

Generally, you need HiVis clothing anywhere that workers are around vehicle traffic. That can mean cars on a highway, forklifts and pallet jacks in a warehouse or airplanes and baggage trains on a runway. The actual OSHA requirements on HiVis clothing are different depending on where, when and how you’re working. The rules in place now focus on road construction workers.

According to OSHA standards, all road construction workers need to wear green, yellow or red HiVis clothing. Which class of HiVis clothing they need depends on which specific job they’re doing and how exposed they are to traffic. If you’re not doing road construction, HiVis vests might not be legally required. But that doesn’t mean they’re not a good idea. Lots of other industries can benefit from HiVis vests to reduce accidents and promote safety:

  • Residential and commercial construction workers
  • Airport runway workers like baggage handlers and flaggers
  • Warehouse workers and forklift drivers
  • Utility workers
  • Land survey crews
  • Tow truck operators and other roadside assistance workers
  • Arborists and other forestry workers
  • Emergency workers who might need to be visible in a smoke-filled environment

What Are the Standards for HiVis Clothing?

You’ve got three main ANSI classes of HiVis clothing to choose from. They’re classified based on how much visibility they give to the workers wearing them. Many emergency workers also wear special “Class E” clothing that’s designed to be visible in smoke or other disaster conditions. For less dangerous environments, there’s also “Enhanced Visibility” clothing that’s not ANSIrated but gives you some extra visibility.


Some extra visibility. You’ll typically find these in situations where vehicles don’t go over 25 mph. They’re found on non-highway workers like parking attendants and warehouse workers.


Significant extra visibility. Highway workers who are separated from traffic (like mowers, sign installers and surveyors) typically wear these clothes. You’ll also find them on crossing guards and airport baggage handlers.


Maximum extra visibility. This class is for road crews who work directly next to traffic over 50 mph, particularly ones who work at night, as well as railroad workers and accident investigators. Class 3 garments have to be long-sleeved and have the strictest manufacturing standards.

HiVis Highlights from RefrigiWear

There are a lot of HiVis clothing options to choose from, but luckily, RefrigiWear has everything you need to stay visible and in compliance at work.

  • Jackets: We’ve got both men’s and women’s HiVis jackets in everything from light windbreakers to heavy-duty parkas. Experience the extreme warmth down to -60 degrees of the HiVis Extreme Softshell Jacket, or keep it light and simple with the HiVis Hooded Sweatshirt.
  • Vests: High visibility vests are a more cost-effective choice for class 2 and below. For outdoor summer work, take a look at the simple and effective Mesh Safety Vest. And, when you’re working in lower temperatures, there’s always the Iron-Tuff® HiVis Vest, with all the great Iron-Tuff insulation features you know and love.
  • Headwear: We have protection at every level in HiVis hats, from the simple and classic HiVis Ball Cap to the HiVis Open Hole Mask for total face and neck protection.
  • Gloves: Finally—full-featured gloves are now available in HiVis designs! Check out the HiVis Super Grip Gloves with Key-Rite Nib for a glove that gives you the grip, the insulation and the visibility you need—plus a built-in plastic nib for using a keypad.

A final tip: Make sure you check each garment’s ANSI level before you buy to make sure you’re getting what you need for your job. When you need to stand out to stay safe, there’s no substitute for great HiVis workwear. Our customers have counted on RefrigiWear for all their insulated work gear for decades and we’re proud to still offer the best selection of insulated HiVis workwear around.