An Outdoor Laborer's Guide to Finding the Most Effective Pair of Work Socks

You’ve heard your mom say it since you were a kid—what’s on the inside matters the most. It’s true for life, and it’s true for footwear too. If you’re an outdoor laborer, having the right pair of work boots is important, but you also need the right socks to take care of your feet. At RefrigiWear, we’re dedicated to giving you the gear you need to perform at your best, and that includes socks that help you stand strong through hard day’s work.

Look for moisture-wicking properties.Sweat is a fact of life when you’re on the job. That’s why RefrigiWear designs our socks with moisture-wicking properties to help keep your feet cool and dry. Moisture-wicking works on a simple principle—keeping sweat away from your feet will help them stay dry. It draws your sweat up and out from your feet, keeping them drier for longer and helping to maintain a comfortable temperature in cold weather. Many of our sock models have moisture-wicking action, like our Wick Socks and our Performance Socks.

Breathability is also important. Good air circulation will also come in handy and save your feet a lot of discomfort on the job. We build breathability features into our socks—like ventilation channels on top of the foot area in our PolarForce™ Socks—to make sure that air is circulating and cooling your feet while you work.

Choose a fabric blend with the right level of stretch.

Picking the right fabric blend is key for getting socks that perform like you want them to. When you’re doing hard outdoor work, look for a combination of material that gives you stretch you need for all-day comfort and the warmth you need to get the job done when the temp drops, like our Super Socks and Extreme Socks.

Support bands and welter tops will help your socks keep their fit. There’s nothing worse than a sock sliding down your calf and bunching up inside your boots. That’s why RefrigiWear gives you features like support bands and welter tops. Our Leather Boot Socks are the perfect example—they’ve got all of the above, plus stretch ribbing on the calf for extra anti-bunching power.

Make sure your socks provide enough insulation. Cold feet aren’t just uncomfortable—they’re dangerous. That’s why you need to choose a pair of socks with good insulation if you’re going to be working in a cold environment. Lucky for you, insulated gear is our bread and butter at RefrigiWear. For maximum warming power, choose a sock with high Merino wool content, like our PolarForce™ Socks, to block out the cold and keep your feet working as hard as they can. Our Extreme Socks are another great choice for low temperatures, with the same heavy-duty insulation power you’ll find in the rest of our Extreme collection.

Consider compression socks to fight muscle aches. A long day on the job is tough on your whole body, but it can be especially tough on your feet. RefrigiWear Compression Socks are the perfect answer to foot fatigue. Their cotton blend and special construction provide gentle pressure on the veins in your feet and legs as you work, which is one of the best ways to keep blood flowing smoothly, preventing damage to your veins and muscles. 

Every day on the job goes better when you’ve got a great pair of socks under your work boots. RefrigiWear is here to keep you on your feet and outworking Mother Nature.