Graphene Lining makes clothes warmer

WarmPlus Graphene Lining Makes Warmer Work Gear

In cold, rough jobs look for the silver (and gold) lining

When Myron Breakstone founded RefrigiWear® it was because he knew there had to be a better way to stay warm than what he experienced and saw at his family’s dairy. He innovated cold-weather clothing for workers. That spirit is still at the heart of what we do at RefrigiWear®. We are always looking for new and more innovative ways to not only keep you warm but also make it easier to work in the cold. Your productivity, performance and comfort are just as important as your warmth. Our newest innovation? An exciting new gold lining that radiates heat. 

Found in our new 54 Gold Jacket, 54 Gold Bib Overalls and Extreme Hooded Jacket, our WarmPlus graphene lining is an advanced new feature to keep you warm. Our WarmPlus graphene lining is printed graphene on the inside of the jacket or bibs in a honeycomb pattern. So what is it and how does it work?

Graphene is the thinnest, lightest compound–it is only 1 atom thick. That makes it perfect for linings because it is flexible and doesn’t add heft to your garments. It’s also strong, so it can handle long workdays without tearing down, breaking up, or rubbing off after just a few uses. Like everything RefrigiWear®, it’s tough even in rough conditions. 

So how does it keep you warm? The WarmPlus graphene lining traps escaping body heat, absorbing it, storing it, and then transferring it back to you. This adds lasting warmth with no added weight or stiffness. It heats up 4 times faster than other linings, but also cools quickly when the heat source is removed. Why choose our WarmPlus graphene lining when you need the best protection? A lining with graphene is 24% warmer than traditional linings. Plus, the combination of our WarmPlus graphene lining with our AirBlaze™ insulation means these are lightweight garments that can still protect down to -50°F and -60°F.

Sometimes, the trusty, sturdy and iconic -50°F warmth of Iron-Tuff® is just what you need to stay warm. But in some work situations, you need extreme protection without the bulk. Combining our AirBlaze™ insulation with our WarmPlus graphene lining makes 54 Gold and the Extreme Hooded Jacket lightweight but crazy warm.