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Don’t Get Weighed Down by the Cold

Get Better Protection with AirBlaze™ Insulation

Working in the cold means there are many problems to overcome, but the biggest one is the cold itself. If you want to stay productive, you’ve got to stay protected. But if the temps are subzero, that usually means bulky gear that gets in the way of doing the job right. At RefrigiWear, we don’t just want to keep you warm. We want to keep you warm and working. So we’re constantly looking for better ways to protect you. And that is how AirBlaze™ Insulation came to be.

Bulky jackets might be warm, but they also slow you down. They are perfect for jobs that don’t require much movement, but they become a hassle in a job that’s more active, sometimes making even normal movements difficult or impossible. Plus, the weight of heavier gear means workers get tired faster. They might be tempted to skip the gear altogether so they can work more freely, but then they run the risk of injury. Also, no one does their best work when they’re cold.

That’s where AirBlaze™ Insulation comes in. Pound for pound, it’s 40% warmer than other insulations. That means you can get the same protection at almost half the weight. What does that mean for work? You aren’t weighed down by heavy gear and don’t have to worry about bulk interfering with your job. Since AirBlaze™ Insulation is lighter while providing the same protection, you get a more streamlined fit from the gear you’re wearing. Less bulk and less weight mean you can work without fatigue or hindered movement. AirBlaze™ gives you better performance and better protection so you can be at the top of your game.

It’s more important than ever to choose ecofriendly and sustainable materials for manufacturing. This reduces waste and harm to the environment. We are proud to use AirBlaze™ Insulation, our first ecofriendly insulation, partially made from plant-based materials that have a lower environmental impact. You can pair it with some of our headwear made from recycled materials for more “green” protection.

AirBlaze™ Insulation is currently offered in our Frostline™ Jacket with Performance-Flex and our Frostline™ Bib Overalls with Performance-Flex. With the durability of softshell, the warmth of a quilted design and the comfort and mobility of Performance-Flex, Frostline is the future of protection from freezing temps.