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Why Coveralls Are Essential to Your Cold Weather Ice Fishing Wardrobe

“Fish where the fish are,” the saying goes. But what about when the fish are under ice? Dedicated ice anglers aren’t scared off by weather that falls on the extreme side, but you still need help staying protected.

One of the simplest ways you can stay warm and safe on your ice fishing adventures is to invest in some high-quality cold weather coveralls from RefrigiWear. These all-in-one cold-busters help keep you safe from cold shock without limiting your movement, so you can come home with a record-setting catch—a 40-pound musky, perhaps?—and leave the frostbite, cold burn and hypothermia at the shanty door. If you’re looking for the one piece of ice fishing apparel you can’t do without, it’s gotta be the coverall. Here’s why:

  • They Provide Full-Body Protection in Sub-Zero Temps – What do coveralls have that extreme-weather coats and pants don’t? Head-to-toe protection against the bitter cold and wind, with no body part left behind. The one-piece design lets you easily and quickly throw them on when you’re heading out for a day of fishing. If you’re looking for a pair of warm coveralls that will help keep you toasty in the most threatening weather, check out the RefrigiWear Iron-Tuff Coveralls. These incredible coveralls provide extreme cold protection in environments as low as -50°F, so they’ll help you stay focused on the task at hand.
  • They Protect You from Water and Wind –You never risk the dreaded midriff breeze with a pair of all-in-one coveralls. That’s the beauty of a one-piece garment – it eliminates many of the cold- and wind-vulnerable areas that are created when you wear multiple pieces. Ours are windproof and water-repellent, thanks to a unique finish that seals out breezes. Some RefrigiWear coveralls also have hoods featuring built-in wind seals and heavy-duty knit cuffs that block out any creeping cold.
  • They Don’t Limit Your Mobility –The days of drilling a hole and hunkering down in one spot are long gone if you want to bring home the best catch. These days, if you want to reel in a record-setter, you have to do a fair amount of hole-hopping. Some good rules are to switch spots whenever you’re not marking any fish, when you’re not seeing any fish of your desired species, or when you scare away the school after a single catch. All this moving calls for gear that doesn’t limit your mobility. Our Chillbreaker Coverall is a fantastic choice for any angler looking for next-level warmth without limiting your movement since it’s made with a flexible Taslon outer shell.
  • They’ve Got Built-in Pockets – Knives, tackle, pliers, your phone … you always need access to your small ice fishing extras when you’re out stalking swimmers, but you’ve only got two hands. The best ice fishing coveralls are the ones that have plenty of pockets, including zippered pockets for your gear and hand-warming pockets to keep your most vital tools (your hands) toasty. Our coveralls not only have tons of pockets for all your easy-to-lose gear, but some also have handy tool loops that you can use to store equipment that you need to have at arm’s reach while you’re setting up shelter, preparing your lines or reeling in big ones.

Complete Your Ice Fishing Ensemble

We offer some of the top-performing ice fishing coveralls for men and women at RefrigiWear, but we’ve also got all the other essentials you need to complete your head-to-toe ice fishing getup. Don’t head out into the freezing cold without a good pair of sub-zero texting gloves. Look for RefrigiWear gloves with our Touch-Rite Nib if you still want to be able to use your phone, tablet, GPS, flashers and other electronics while you’re on the ice.

You don’t want to expose any part of your body to freezing temperatures and wind, so don’t forget to add performance headwear to the mix, including one of our face-saving sub-zero face masks. The Number-1 rule of ice fishing is to stay warm so that you can focus on enjoying the great outdoors and staying safe while you do it, and all of these options are here to help. Happy drilling!