Premium Sweatshirts from RefrigiWear are built tough to handle sub-zero temperatures.

Premium Sweatshirts Built for Sub-Zero Temps

These are definitely not your grandpa's ratty old meatball-stained sweats. Our Premium Sweatshirts are made tough and built to last with durable materials and practical features you'll never find on store-bough hoodies.

Insulating Layers

When you work in freezing weather, you need gear that can keep up. Our Premium Sweatshirts offer double- and triple-layer insulation options so you have choices for your temperature range and job requirements.

Zipper Garages & Hoods for Added Warmth

You've got comfort and warmth all zipped up with Premium Sweatshirts from RefrigiWear. Zipper garages and fleece-lined hoods block out the cold, keeping your neck and head warm and protected from the wind.

Flexible Elbows

It's great to be warm, but if your gear is so bulky that you can't move, you can't get the job done. Performance-Flex panels at the elbows of the PolarForce® Sweatshirt, HiVis PolarForce® Sweatshirt and Extreme Hybrid Sweatshirt expand and contract as you bend and stretch, keeping you moving without sacrificing warmth.

Grip Assist

Make sure you don't drop the ball (or the box!) with silicone Grip Assist panels on the 54 Gold Sweatshirt, PolarForce® Sweatshirt, HiVis PolarForce® Sweatshirt and Freezer Edge® Hooded Sweatshirt. This practical feature prevents objects from slipping as you handle them, so you've got a better grip on the task at hand.

Rivet Reinforcements & Abrasion Resistance

Yeah, a hoodie from the big-box store down the street might be comfortable, but it dang sure won't survive the kind of wear-and-tear you face on the job. Premium Sweatshirts like the 54 Gold Hybrid Sweatshirt, Extreme Hybrid Sweatshirt, Freezer Edge® Hooded Sweatshirt, and the Women's Hybrid Sweatshirt, are built with rivet reinforcements at key stress points and abrasion-resistant panels tough enough to take a beating.

Thumbholes on Sleeves

Make sure your sleeves stay put with handy thumbhole cuffs on several Premium Sweatshirts from RefrigiWear. Pull on your gloves and slide your thumb into the cuff to keep the cold from creeping in.

Waterproof Pockets

Premium Sweatshirts from RefrigiWear protect you from the cold and they also protect your gear with waterproof zippers on one or more pockets. Tuck away your keys, phone or other essentials and know they're safe and secure while you work.

Warm Up with Premium Sweatshirts

Pair a RefrigiWear Premium Sweatshirt with pants or bib overalls for full-body warmth, even in extreme cold temps. Premium Sweatshirts from RefrigiWear are rugged and ready for everything the job throws at you.