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Winter Workwear 101:

How to Wash and Care for Your Bib Overalls

If you work in a cold environment, then you know how much you depend on your winter workwear to keep you warm and comfortable on the job. It’s what makes RefrigiWear’s Bib Overalls a classic: They’re ultra-warm, ultra-comfortable and ultra-durable. But remember that even the toughest clothing has to be cared for sometimes. How can you make sure your RefrigiWear overalls stay in good shape and last for years to come?

RefrigiWear gear is easy to care for, because we know our customers don’t have time to waste on high-maintenance workwear. RefrigiWear Bib Overalls are actually incredibly easy to clean in a standard washing machine and we’ve got some simple tips to care for your RefrigiWear Bib Overalls that will help them be the comfortable, reliable workwear that you need.

What’s the Right Way to Wash My RefrigiWear Bib Overalls?

First, know that that you probably don’t need to wash them all that often unless you get them extremely dirty. Normally, you’ll only need to wash any RefrigiWear garment every two to three weeks. And when you do, it’s not rocket science.

Just follow these simple instructions

  • Wash your overalls by themselves in water less than 104ºF. (This is roughly the “warm” setting on most washers, although some can be a little over, so be cautious.)
  • Use a normal, mild detergent.
  • When they’re done in the wash, throw your overalls in the dryer for no longer than 10 minutes, on the lowest heat setting. This is not to actually dry the overalls, but to dry areas like the straps. Again, don’t use anything other than the lowest setting and check every few minutes to make sure the insulation isn’t clumping together.
  • Air dry your overalls. It takes longer, but it’s safer for the material in your overalls. A fan can help get the job done faster.
  • That’s about it. A few minutes of work every two to three weeks will keep your overalls looking, feeling and performing great. If you need to get a little bit of everyday dirt off without a full wash cycle, a wet rag works great.

One last tip? Make sure you check all of the pockets on your RefrigiWear Bib Overalls. Many of our bib overalls have two chest pockets, two side pockets and two hand warmer pockets (on the PolarForce™ Bib Overalls), so check them all!

What Should I Definitely Not Do with My Overalls?

Even clothes as tough as RefrigiWear overalls can break down if they’re cleaned the wrong way. These mistakes can all hurt any piece of RefrigiWear clothing, so make sure you avoid them.

  • Never wash your RefrigiWear overalls in an industrial washing machine. As efficient and awesome as these machines might be, they’re just too rough on fabrics to be okay for washing RefrigiWear clothes.
  • Never dry clean your overalls. Many people think that dry cleaning is safer and more effective, but it’s not safe for all types of clothes. Dry cleaning RefrigiWear clothes will make their fabrics break down much faster, meaning they won’t last you nearly as long.
  • Don’t heat-dry your overalls. The heat of a normal clothes dryer will start to damage the insulation on our garments after about 10 minutes and you don’t want to get it anywhere close.
  • Air dry your overalls. It takes longer, but it’s safer for the material in your overalls. A fan can help get the job done faster.
  • Finally, don’t wash your overalls more often than you need to. Like we said above, once every two to three weeks is plenty for most people. Some people may need to wash them more often if they tend to get very dirty at work, but this will still often shorten the overalls’ life.

With just a little bit of love and care, your RefrigiWear Bib Overalls can keep giving you reliable protection for years and years. Keep our tips in mind and your overalls will thank you!