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How to Wash Your Winter Work Jacket

One of the best perks of your job is that you never have to wear a suit and tie. Another perk is that you never have to take your work clothes to the dry cleaner. But how do you get rid of the grease, grit and gunk on your work coat? This handy guide explains how to clean your insulated jacket in a few simple steps.

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How Do I Clean My Insulated Work Jacket?

When you work in the cold, you're counting on warm winter workwear to keep you safe and warm on the job. RefrigiWear insulated work coats are amazingly warm, built to last and they're as comfortable as your old easy chair.

Your shifts are long enough already. Our insulated workwear is easy to care for because we know you don't want to waste your off-duty hours on high-maintenance gear.

Here's how to clean your warm work coat from RefrigiWear in a standard residential washing machine:

  1. Check and empty all your pockets. Your RefrigiWear work jacket may have handwarmer pockets, chest pockets, zippered pockets or interior pockets and you don't want to wash small tools or electronics by mistake.
  2. Wash insulated coats separately from other laundry. Use a mild detergent and warm water (less than 104°F).
  3. When it's done in the wash, toss your winter work coat into the dryer on the lowest heat setting for no more than 10 minutes, just enough to jump start the drying process. Then, hang it up to finish air drying. It takes a little longer, but air drying is safer for the material inside your insulated jacket and helps it last longer. A fan can help get the job done faster.

That's it! A few minutes of care every 2 to 3 weeks will keep your winter work coat feeling comfortable and looking great.

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How Often Should I Wash My Work Coat?

Unless you have a really, really dirty job, you can wash your insulated jacket every 2 to 3 weeks. If you need to get a little everyday dirt off your winter work coat without a full wash cycle, you can spot clean your jacket with a soft, dry brush or a wet cloth.

Do not dry clean insulted jackets, bibs, and coveralls

Can I Dry Clean My Insulated Work Jacket?

No, dry cleaning processes can damage insulated fabrics.

Many people think that dry cleaning is safer and more effective, but it's not safe for all types of work clothes. Dry cleaning insulated work coats will make their fabrics break down much faster, meaning they won't last you nearly as long.
How to make your cold weather workwear last longer

How to Make Insulated Jackets Last Longer

With just a little cleaning and care, you can extend the life of your RefrigiWear winter work coat. Care for them correctly and your warm work jacket will keep giving you reliable protection from the cold for years to come!

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