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Why All Labor Workers Should Be Equipped with HiVis Gear

At RefrigiWear, safety is what we do. We keep you protected so you can work hard and get the job done. That’s why we preach the gospel of using HiVis gear wherever possible—because it saves lives. Whether it’s a jacket, a hat, a pair of coveralls or anything else, HiVis makes your worksites safer. Lucky for you, RefrigiWear makes the best high visibility gear on the market today. We combine top safety features with the killer quality that’s made us the most trusted name in insulated gear for over 50 years.

Benefits of HiVis

Why do you need HiVis to begin with? For starters, if you work road construction, high visibility clothing is required. OSHA mandates that road construction workers wear gear that enables drivers and equipment operators to see them easily. But whether it’s required or not, HiVis always helps you stay seen to avoid injuries and accidents. It can make all the difference when any kind of heavy machinery or vehicle is in use. High visibility also gear helps build a culture of safety on the job. When leaders equip their teams with high visibility clothing, they’re saying that safety is priority number one.

What to Look for in HiVis

Now that you know why HiVis matters, how can you know you’re buying the best?

● Make sure you’re familiar with the ANSI standards for high visibility gear. Really pay attention to whether your worksites are classified as Type O (off-road), Type R (roadway) or Type P (public safety), as well as whether your application needs Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3 visibility.

● Good HiVis gear will be ANSI certified and will list which type of ANSI standard it meets.

● If you need HiVis gear for working on a road at night, look for gear with retroreflective features. That means that it reflects vehicle headlights back at the operator, giving them a strong, unmistakable signal to watch out.

High visibility garments should be of high quality too. Choose gear that’s built to last with professional-grade materials and has the insulation power you need to keep warm and dry in rough outdoor conditions.

RefrigiWear’s HiVis Options

Our HiVis safety gear is an industry leader in quality, comfort and cost-effectiveness. You can choose from among many great high visibility options from RefrigiWear, including:

RefrigiWear HiVis Cap: A traditional classic in high visibility headwear. You can’t go wrong with a soft acrylic knit that will keep your head warm and a bright lime or orange color that will make you easy to spot. 

HiVis Iron-Tuff® Coveralls: For the toughest and coldest environments, you can count on Iron-Tuff® to keep you warm—and now, these classic coveralls are available in high visibility colors for extra safety. From the cozy fleece collar to the snap-on hood to the water-repellent finish and bound seams, everything about these coveralls screams “quality.”

 Freezer Edge Jacket: An ideal choice for road work in cold environments and other times when you need extreme visibility and high-grade insulation, this powerful jacket is packing 280g synthetic insulation that’s rated for 30 below zero, plus water-repellent and wind-tight construction and tons of extra pockets. It’s even got waist and shoulder bands of 3M™ high visibility silver tape for maximum shine.

 HiVis Softshell Jacket: Our premium softshell jacket is designed as the perfect balance between mobility and warmth, with a high visibility color scheme for safety and peace of mind. It’s a great multi-season piece that stands up to wind, rain and even light snow and it comes packed with awesome features like a waistline drawcord to seal out the cold.

RefrigiWear knows a lot more than just how to make the best insulated gear around. We know how to make clothing that meets the toughest standards for 360-degree safety. That means that when you choose our high visibility gear, you’re making an investment in a safer and more productive future—and that’s the smartest investment of all.