From Freezing Temps Inside to Heavy Snow Outside, Drivers Face It All.

We’ve Got You Covered.

Drivers face conditions that vary wildly: the inside of your trucks, the docks and interiors at your pick-up and delivery locations, the elements of roadside stops or emergencies. We’ve got head-to-toe protection for drivers, making layering easy, so you can stay warm and productive in any temp. Our embroidery services make it easy to turn any of our gear into a professional looking uniform for your driving crews.

RefrigiWear also offers insulated bags, blankets, pallet covers and thermometers to help you protect your products, comply with regulations and maintain just the right temperature for transporting perishables.

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Best Sweatshirts for Cold Work

The best sweatshirts for staying warm when the temperature drops but there is still work to be done. 

PPE Every Driver Should Have

Checklist for the gear you should have on hand whenever cold could be
a part of your shift. 

Gearing Up for Cold Work

RefrigiWear helps protect you from the unique conditions and challenges you face on the job as a driver. 

Why and When to Wear a Vest for Warmth

Core warmth is vital to protecting your entire body. Vets are a great way to keep warm in cold temps. 

Own the Cold

If bad weather and cold temps don’t scare you, you’re our kind of people. 


Jayne Dunham’s video features RefrigiWear gear and celebrates the men and women who brave dangerous roads. 


“Nothing likes to work in the bitter cold. Iron is frozen and plastic brittle. What helps me keep a good attitude and push on is staying warm through it all.” 


“Standing on the side of a grain bin loading trucks in January sucks a little less with RefrigiWear.” 

Iron-Tuff® Enhanced Visibility Siberian™

Best coat I've ever owned!

Submitted on 10/24/2019 4:29 PM by Diane from Undisclosed

Incredibly warm. Love the cuffs on the sleeves and furry neck. No cold is getting through this coat. It is, however, extremely stiff. I'm giving it 5 stars anyways because everyone says it softens up. I'm a truck driver that drives the NW all winter long and chain up on icy mountains frequently. Every other coat I've had had either not been warm enough ot durable enough. A forklift driver at a cold storage recommended Refrigiwear to me because it's what they wore in a -40 frozen warehouse. Best advice I've gotten in a long time. It may be stiff, but it's super durable and super warm..