Fight the Chill

We’ll Keep You Climbing

When Bad Weather Means It’s Time to Get to Work, Get Gear That Keeps Your Safe

Tower techs are a special breed. Not only are you the backbone of the telecommunications industry, you do a job that most are too afraid to tackle AND in ridiculous weather. Climbing a frozen tower, dealing with whipping wind and fighting below freezing temps can all interfere with the job.

At RefrigiWear, we are experts in providing apparel and accessories for tackling the coldest, most severe conditions. Cold-weather gear for telecommunications professionals includes insulated jackets, bib overalls and coveralls as well as gloves, headwear and footwear, including electrical hazard compliant boots. We also offer layering options and all-weather garments for workers that need to be outside in a range of weather.    

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Best Sweatshirts for Cold Work

The best sweatshirts for staying warm when the temperature drops but there is still work to be done.  

The Sole of Slip-Resistant, Durable Work Boots

The right outsole is the foundation for the best work boots.  

Maintaining Peripheral Vision

When to choose headwear vs. hoods when working in the cold

Why and When to Wear a Vest for Warmth

Core warmth is vital to protecting your entire body. Vets are a great way to keep warm in cold temps.

Own the Cold

If bad weather and cold temps don’t scare you, you’re our kind of people. 

Take it to the Extreme

Built to keep you warm and protected down to -60°F (yup, NEGATIVE SIXTY), the Extreme Softshell Jacket is the ultimate protection


“This winter gear has been a blessing on this site. Amazing views. Cold temps. This gear works!” 

Softshell Works Hard

Don’t choose between tough or comfortable. Get both plus protection down to -20°F with our Insulated Softshell Jacket.  

Cowhide Freezer Glove

These are the only gloves I would trust

Submitted on 12/08/2020 2:03 PM by RICHARDO21 from Fairbanks Alaska

I have worked up on the Arctic slope imperial buffet which is America's largest oil field. I have climbed communication towers 30 and 40 below. These gloves are the only ones that I would go up the tower with to keep my hand safe and warm. I started buying these for my kids who are working construction. The gloves are supple and soft add your fingers can move freely and you can actually grab things