Serving the public comes in many forms, and as anyone in the public services profession can tell you, they never stop because of weather. In fact, it is during the most severe weather that they are often needed most. From our first responders to road crews, there are specific concerns that need to be addressed when selecting cold weather gear for public services employees. RefrigiWear knows the safety apparel for public services needs to keep employees prepared for all conditions, which is why we offer a wide range of insulated apparel, like jackets, vests and overalls, to an array of gloves and headwear for various temperatures. We also offer a complete range of high-visibility options for public service employees working the cold, snow, rain and wind. 

Very Warm, Stylish, Durable and Comfortable

Submitted on 1/30/2019 5:40 PM by itsallgood from Chicago, IL

I got a chance to really test this jacket out and all I can say is, its very warm, stylish, durable and comfortable. I work outside at the airport and here in Chicago, we had a few days of temps below -15 degrees Fahrenheit with Windchill's as low as -45 degrees Fahrenheit. This jacket is well made and very durable. I love the two tone colors. The hand warmer zipper pockets are nice and will keep your hands warm. The two waterproof chest pockets are a nice size to hold a facemask or hat. The zipper inner pocket is wide and deep enough to hold a cellphone and other small items. The performance flex allowed me to move with ease and didn't allow for any cold air to creep in. The Velcro adjustable sleeves are nice as well as the inner sleeve cuffs. The zipper and zipper cover snaps are heavy duty. The inner lining worked well to keep my body heat in and allowed my skin to breath. I have the Polarforce bibs and gloves that I wear with this jacket for total warmth. My only issue is it doesn't have a hood, which is a must have for temps this low.