Apparel That Keeps Workers Productive and Protected

PolarForce™ Breaks New Ground in Innovation for Flexibility

DAHLONEGA, GA (August 31, 2017) — People working in the cold environments, whether outside or in man-made environments like frozen foods, demand  gear that not only keeps them protected in harsh conditions, but that doesn’t hinder their performance. As an innovator in cold-environment apparel for workers, RefrigiWear proudly announces our new PolarForce™ collection with Performance-Flex technology.  PolarForce™ is first full collection to be launched at once by RefrigiWear and includes a range of products with comfort ratings from just above freezing to -40°F.

“Workers in cold environments are increasingly looking for better solutions to productivity issues,” notes Ron Breakstone, President and CEO at RefrigiWear. “Finding the perfect combination of cold protection and features that enhance performance for each individual is an ongoing mission at RefrigiWear.”

The Performance-Flex system is one of the innovations that makes the PolarForce™ products unique. It is a flexible, expanding ribbed system that stretches with the wearer so movement isn’t hindered. It is placed at key flex points such as the elbows, back, waist, knuckles, and more.

Another new innovation is called Grip Assist. Located at key touch points, it “assists” users by giving them a better grip as they handle objects. All of the new features are integrated into a softshell design on the garments to provide maximum flexibility and breathability. The full collection includes:

  • PolarForce™ Jacket with Performance-Flex – Rated to -40°F with Performance-Flex on the elbows, under arms, and on the back; and Grip Assist silicone dots on the sleeves.
  • PolarForce™ Bib Overalls with Performance-Flex – Rated to -40°F with Performance-Flex on the knees and on the side at waist.
  • PolarForce™ Sweatshirt with Performance-Flex – Performance-Flex on the elbows and Grip Assist silicone dots on the sleeves.
  • PolarForce™ Gloves with Performance-Flex – Rated to -30°F with Performance-Flex on the knuckles and Grip Assist pattern on the palm and fingers.
  • PolarForce™ Max Boots – Rated to -40°F with Thinsulate™ insulation and Dri-Blaze® lining for warmth and VitaComfort™ for maximum comfort.
  • PolarForce™ Hiker Boots – Rated to -30°F with 800g of Thinsulate™ for warmth and VitaComfort™ system for maximum comfort.

“As a company, we have always focused on providing the very best cold environment gear,” Breakstone continues. “That doesn’t just mean warmth. It means gear that performs as well as it protects. That is how the PolarForce™ collection was conceived.”

For more information on how the PolarForce™ Collection and other RefrigiWear products can protect you from the cold, contact RefrigiWear at 800-645-3744 or e-mail us at keepmewarm@refrigiwear.com.

About RefrigiWear

RefrigiWear, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of insulated industrial work wear, accessories and personal protective equipment for use in subzero temperatures, inclement weather and low-visibility environments. The same expertise in cold environments has also gone into creating everyday insulated clothing for work or play. For over 60 years, RefrigiWear has supplied the most demanding industries and climates with insulated garments and accessories needed to keep people warm, safe and productive. RefrigiWear is located in Dahlonega, Georgia, where many items are manufactured.

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