Introducing PolarForce

Gear That Keeps You Warm and Productive

The RefrigiWear® PolarForce™ collection is designed to keep you warm without losing flexibility or hindering movement. Our newest collection doesn’t just keep you protected down to -40°F, every product is designed for performance with materials that move with you.  PolarForce™ is a complete collection: a jacket, bib overalls, sweatshirt, gloves and two boots are available.

Like nothing else on the market, PolarForce offers higher protection and performance.

Performance Flex

Work in Freedom and Comfort with Performance-Flex

Performance-Flex  innovates the way you move in insulated gear with a ribbed design fabric that expands with your body’s movements. Performance-Flex gives you unprecedented mobility at key flex points, making reaching, kneeling and general movements much easier. The jacket, bibs, sweatshirt and gloves all feature Performance-Flex to keep your performance high.

RefrigiWear® breaks new ground in innovation.

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With Grip Assist You Don’t Sacrifice Warmth for Performance

No more rolling up sleeves or removing gloves to get the best grip – Grip Assist helps you get the job done. The silicone dot pattern is designed to help you get a better grip on items you have to carry or move. Grip Assist is on the sleeves of both the PolarForce™ Jacket and Sweatshirt as well as on the palms and fingers of the PolarForce™ Gloves. RefrigiWear®’s Grip Assist system eliminates the need to remove protective gear to get better grip.

Stay protected and get the job done.

Performance Flex