Cold Weather Apparel for Facilities and Property Maintenance

Working in maintenance means dealing with different temperatures and environments throughout the day – cold, rain, wind, etc. – moving between indoor and outdoor tasks. RefrigiWear knows maintenance workers need protective gear for cold temps to mild temps, dry days and wet days. That is why we offer a wide range of cold apparel — from insulated jackets, bibs overalls and coveralls to moisture wicking base layers to electrical hazard compliant boots. We also have a wide array of gloves and headwear for any maintenance worker facing the cold, like facility managers, general maintenance teams, and property superintendents. 

Finally, a warm work coat that is durable.

Submitted on 4/04/2019 11:11 PM by Luke from Parma, ID

I used to only wear Carharts but since they started being made in Mexico the quality just sucks. I tried this coat and I will never go back. This is the warmest jacket besides my wool ones and has room to move in. This coat is designed by someone who actually works outside and needs to be able to move. It is full and broad in the shoulders and has worn very well over a few months. I really like this coat.