Beat the Cold, Wind and Rain: Protective Outerwear for HVAC Technicians.

Bad weather conditions are often the reason HVAC technicians are called out for the job. You have to brave the cold, wind, rain and snow to make sure your customers stay comfortable. RefrigiWear knows HVAC technicians need outerwear for cold temps and mild temps, dry days and wet days.

That is why we offer a wide range of protective outerwear — from insulated jackets and overalls to performance gloves with impact protection and even electrical hazard compliant boots. With our full line of jackets, pants, headwear, gloves and more, RefrigiWear will keep you warm and protected.

Questions about outfitting your team? Contact Mitch Harden at mharden@refrigiwear.com.

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When to choose headwear vs. hoods when working in the cold

Quality Won’t Be Compromised

RefrigiWear’s multi-step QA process ensures tough, durable products that last.

Own the Cold

If bad weather and cold temps don’t scare you, you’re our kind of people. 

Full Body Protection

Cold. Grime. Wind. Nothing can get to you when you have the protection of the Comfort-Guard® Coveralls.


“Only 19° in sunny Cleveland Ohio, thank god the whole team has our RefrigiWear winter gear to keep us warm!” 


“Cold days are nothing with the right gear...”

Iron-Tuff® Siberian™

Great product!

Submitted on 11/25/2019 2:44 PM by Anthony from Undisclosed

I bought this coat thinking eh, why not. It's 120 bucks. Well I gotta say compared to my carhartts of equal and greater value this blows them away as far as warmth. I literally cannot wear it while driving or inside anywhere the heat is even somewhat on! I start to sweat instantly. As a guy who works outside on rooftops all day in the winter (hvac technician) I can honestly recommend the Siberian as a product that WILL NOT disappoint you. It was 20 degrees and snowing the other day and I literally had to unzip for a few minutes to cool down. Unbelievable product. No bs. I'm 6'3" and 220 lbs. got the xl and it fit perfect. Not sure how tall you'd have to be to go with the long lol. Sleeves were on point, the collar is awesome for blocking wind. I will continue to buy this jacket from now on but so far I don't think I'll need one for awhile. Pretty indestructible. I also get complimented and constantly asked where I got it. I would 100% recommend.