Beat the Cold, Wind, and Rain: Protective Outerwear for HVAC Technicians

Bad weather conditions are often the reason HVAC technicians are called out for the job. You have to brave the cold, wind, rain, and snow to make sure your customers stay comfortable. RefrigiWear knows HVAC technicians need outerwear for cold temps and mild temps, dry days and wet days. That is why we offer a wide range of protective outerwear — from insulated jackets and overalls to performance gloves with impact protection and even electrical hazard compliant boots – both popular items for HVAC technicians. With our full line of jackets, pants, headwear, gloves, and more, RefrigiWear will keep you warm and protected. 

Rock solid as always

Submitted on 12/04/2018 7:05 PM by JD from Michigan

HVAC contractor in Michigan, everything is warn and cozy no matter what the weather. RefrigiWear is arguably the finest and most durable gear I've worn in 30 years. Again, Rock Solid!