Cooler Wear, Freezer Wear and Accessories for Grocery

In the grocery industry, employees work in multiple temperature zones and need a variety of protective apparel. RefrigiWear offers a wide range of apparel for the grocery industry, including apparel for coolers, freezers and outdoor conditions. Our collections also include all-season shirts and layering, gloves and footwear for a variety of roles in the grocery industry. Whether they need waterproof rainwear or cold environment apparel for working in the freezer, RefrigiWear will keep your grocery employees protected and productive.

I have been working...

Submitted on 2/09/2018 7:00 PM by Bob from Undisclosed

I have been working in the frozen foods department for a grocery chain for many years and these are the best gloves I have ever used. They are thick enough to stay dry and warm but they are very easy to use for picking up boxes also. When filling ice, my hands stay dry and warm. When filling ice cream, my hands stay dry and warm. I bought several pairs to share with my fellow workers and they all love them too. I have been given many pairs of gloves by vendors over the years, but these are the best yet. My hands used to crack and bleed from the cold, that has stopped.