How to Extend the Life of Your Work Boots

Proper Boot Care is the Key to Extending Boot Life

Durability and comfort are two of the biggest components considered when choosing a work boot. You want something that lets you stay on your feet all day without fatigue or pain and that will withstand everyday wear. However, boots often need to be replaced sooner than expected. Why? Because they didn’t get the care they needed to offset the wear and tear of the work day.  Taking time to properly care for your work boots will extend their life and protect your investment. They are a tool just like a drill, wrench, jacket, or pants – treat them that way and they will last longer.

Tips for Proper Boot Care:

Avoid Unnecessary Abuse

Steel or composite safety toes protect you from impact, but that doesn’t mean they can be misused.  Kicking pallets or other objects laying around wears down the outer material of the boot and can make the boots wear out faster.

Clean Regularly

Just as you wash your other protective gear, your boots need to be cleared of contaminants too. Brush off your boots at the end of every day, and use water and a cloth/brush at least once a week to fully clean them for proper boot care. This protects the material and stitching.

Use Conditioner and Waterproof Treatment

For boots with leather uppers, use a leather conditioner once a month. This prolongs the life of the leather, prevents it from drying out and makes it look better. Apply a waterproof treatment to boots after cleaning to maintain waterproof capabilities.

Don’t Use Lace-Up Boots as Pull-On Boots

Boots with laces are not designed to be kicked off and pulled on with only a minor loosening of the laces. Doing so damages the material and can lead to eyelets and the structure of the boots to wear out faster. Take the time to significantly loosen the laces when removing the boots.

Store Properly

Don’t store boots in sunlight or near heaters when not in use – that will dry them out. Make sure the storage area has good air circulation and you can extend the life of your boots significantly.

Remember Insoles are Replaceable

If the insole deteriorates before the outside does, it doesn’t mean the boots are done for! Replace the insoles to retain comfort without replacing the boots.

Consider Using More Than One Pair

If you have two pairs of boots and rotate their use, it gives them time to recover between uses, extending the life of both pairs. It also allows time for conditioning treatments to fully set between uses.

It takes a little extra time to care for boots, but that time means your work boots will last for much longer.  Just like the other tools you use to get the job done, your boots need to be cared for properly in order to last.


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