Cold Weather Outerwear for Construction Workers to Get to Work in Any Season

Gear that keeps you the warmest often isn’t the best for work – but construction workers can’t afford to lose productivity just because of cold weather. That’s why RefrigiWear makes outdoor apparel for construction workers dealing with the elements throughout the year. We offer a full line of protective, warm gear: insulated jackets, bibs and coveralls; gloves that protect against cold and impact while maintaining dexterity; work boots that keep you comfortable on your feet all day; and moisture wicking base layers. For head-to-toe protection, we also offer headwear, safety glasses, ANSI HiVis gear and more. When the weather turns cold, construction workers need a brand they can trust for warmth, comfort and durability.

Questions about outfitting your team? Contact Mitch Harden at mharden@refrigiwear.com.

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RefrigiWear’s multi-step QA process ensures tough, durable products that last.


This exterior work isn’t going to wait till spring to get done. With this @refrigiwear gear, I don’t have to”



“I'm in and out of the work rig, onsite and indoors. For my climate, this RefrigiWear gear fits the bill.”



Featuring lightweight AirBlaze™ insulation, the Frostline Jacket keeps you warm without the weight. 


Own the Cold

If bad weather and cold temps don’t scare you, you’re our kind of people. 

Extreme Hiker

A Must Have Boot!!!!!

Submitted on 11/21/2019 1:19 PM by Russell from Michigan

These are by far the best work boots I have ever bought!!!! working in Michigan in construction in the winter and outside as much as I am my feet are warm and dry and they  are comfortable and my feet don't get sore