Protective Clothing That Keeps Cold Storage Employees

Warm and Productive in the Cooler and Freezer

It doesn’t matter what the temp is outside – working in a cooler or freezer for Cold Storage means you are in the cold no matter the season. We’ve spent over 65 years keeping Cold Storage employees warm. But that’s not all our products do. Our gear isn’t just designed for warmth, it’s also designed to increase productivity and reduce injury. Plus, it’s built to stand up to the heavy wear-and-tear that comes with the job. With a full line of products to keep you and your teams protected head-to-toe, plus in-house services like embroidery and laundry, RefrigiWear’s got your back when you’re working in Cold Storage.

What Do I Wear to Stay Warm in the Freezer?

Choosing the Right Gear Working as a Forklift Driver.

"Warm Start" Kits Reduced Accidents and Lowered Costs

How RefrigiWear Helped a Food Distributor Protect Their New Employees.

Maintaining Peripheral Vision

When to Choose Headwear vs. Hoods When Working in the Cold.

Quality Won’t Be Compromised

RefrigiWear’s multi-step QA process ensures tough, durable products that last.

Own the Cold

If bad weather and cold temps don’t scare you, you’re our kind of people. 

Take it to the Extreme

If bad weather and cold temps don’t scare you, you’re our kind of people. 

Get to Work in Subzero Temps

Full core coverage and protection down to -20°F, pair the Insulated Softshell Bibs with a premium sweatshirt for unmatched warmth.  

Don’t Get Weighed Down by the Cold

PolarForce Jacket with Performance Flex

This one is a Winner!

Submitted on 3/07/2020 9:37 AM by Wayne from Green Bay WI

Just got a new one at work and this is one great jacket for freezer work

. Fits Great, not bulky feeling and keeps you nice and comfortable. My new best friend.