Agriculture Apparel: Staying Warm and Dry in Any Weather

Working outside in an agriculture profession presents unique challenges – you need gear made for the outdoors to protect you from low temperatures and bad weather. After all, farmers, ranchers and other agriculture workers can't just stop working because it gets cold or rainy. RefrigiWear knows how difficult it can be to balance warmth and comfort with performance, which is why we designed products that offer protection from the elements without sacrificing functionality. We offer tough, durable, functional and especially warm outdoor gear for agricultural workers that helps them stay productive in the toughest environments.  

Needed to replace my 20-year-old Refrigiwear Coat

Submitted on 3/27/2019 2:13 PM by Farmer Jane from Virginia

I was given a RefrigiWear "Freezer Coat" when I was working at a Cold Storage Facility over 20 years ago (this was a used coat that someone had left behind). I left that job many years ago to work on our family livestock/poultry farm, but took the coat with me! That coat has kept me warm many days, while taking a beating - birthing animals, cleaning barns, clearing snow. This year, I finally decided to look for a new coat. Thank goodness for the internet- I was able to find RefrigiWear's website and order a new one at a GREAT price! It took a few washings to soften the new coat, but now I have a new favorite coat!! I LOVE this brand and would recommend them to anyone who has to work in cold environments!!