The only work jacket out there that can keep you protected down to -60°F (yup, you read that right). When the cold warns you to stay at home, take it to the Extreme.


Wind-tight outershell seals out cold drafts so you’re warmer and better protected.


You’re protected with a water-repellent outershell that locks in warmth and keeps you dry.


Glove clip to make sure you don’t misplace or forget your gloves.

Built for the Cold and High Levels of Activity

Comfort-rated to -60°F, the Extreme Softshell Jacket combines outerlayer, insulation, lining and a dual-zip system to ensure you stay warm in the coldest conditions.

Softshell materials are more stretchy and less bulky, meaning you get a higher level of flexibility than in other jackets, like those lined with down or packed with synthetics. It is highly water-resistant, exceptionally durable and very breathable, all key features for a hard-working jacket. Softshell materials also make it possible to create a more form fitting jacket since the outershell adds to the total insulation of the garment without adding the bulk of more internal insulation.

Softshell clothing is great for aerobic activities where a highly breathable, water-resistant piece of clothing can keep the wearer warm, dry and active. The softshell material allows perspiration to evaporate and keeps you dry, so sweat doesn’t affect your warmth. It is especially good for activities where your heart rate will be elevated like hiking or doing tough outdoor jobs in cooler weather.

Features to Keep You Warm and Dry

The Extreme Softshell Jacket features waterproof pockets on the chest and sleeve to help keep your valuables, such as cell phones, dry and out for the weather.

The dual front zipper system allows you to regulate temperature, seal out drafts and access an inner pocket without completely unzipping the jacket. When you want to let a little more air in, simply unzip the outer zipper the desired amount while the inner zipper still provides protection from drafts and the cold. Zip both for maximum protection.

Bonus Features You Might Not See But Will Appreciate

The back, sleeves and chest of the Extreme Softshell Jacket feature reflective piping to help you stay more visible in low-light conditions. The safety feature shines brightly whenever hit with beams of light, as from a car or headlight on construction equipment/forklifts.

An adjustable inner waist seal helps prevent drafts or snow from entering the jacket at the bottom. The seal includes two snaps for adjustment as well as elastic to help create a better seal.

The internal silver twill lining reflects body heat to keep warmth inside instead of letting it all escape. The smooth surface also makes it easier to wear over other garments without snagging.