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A Utility Worker's Guide to Keeping Arms and Legs Warm in Below Freezing Temperatures

For most people, “keeping the lights on” means going to work so you can pay your bills. For utility workers, it can mean going to work in sub-freezing temperatures with howling winds so you can keep other folks’ lights on—and their heat and their water and their internet. (All non-utility workers reading this, please take a minute to consider how bad-ass that is.)

When you’re out in conditions like that, it’s essential to have extreme cold weather gear for your body. Keeping your arms and legs warm is particularly important since these body parts are often working the hardest to get the job done. A great set of winter utility work clothes is the perfect place to start —and with over 60 years of experience in engineering cold-weather comfort, RefrigiWear has the secrets you need for full-body warmth this winter. 

Extreme Cold Weather Gear for Your Arms

Finding the perfect cold weather gear for your upper body starts with knowing your measurements. It’s especially important for the arms to fit right, or else they can cause a lot of uncomfortable bunching in other areas. Start by following the advice in our RefrigiWear Sizing Guide to measure your arms, chest and waist, and then match up your measurements with our size charts.

When it comes to building your ideal warmth combo, start with a winter base layer like our Flex-Wear Top that provides lightweight warmth with all the stretch you need for heavy-duty utilities work. For the next layer, we’ve got tons of options for sweatshirts and fleeces with flexible insulation like the Extreme Hybrid Sweatshirt with Performance-Flex.

Ready to top off your outfit with a rugged winter jacket? Our Extreme Cold Weather Gear Collection is full of our most advanced options for keeping warm. This collection includes ultra-warm but great-looking jackets for men, such as the Extreme Softshell Jacket, with will keep you protected from the cold down to an insane minus 60 degrees.

Looking for a more classic style? The Iron-Tuff® Jackoat® is built to last day after day on the toughest jobs. There’s a reason Iron-Tuff has been one of the most iconic names in winter workwear for decades. 

Extreme Cold Weather Gear for Your Legs

A great fit in the legs is just as important as the one in the arms, so get started by getting your waist and inseam measurements and matching them up with the size chart. Remember not to hold your breath when measuring your waist, and if you’re between sizes, choose the next size up.

For lower-body base layers, you can’t go wrong with classics like our Base Layer Bottom, with its warm blend of polyester and Merino wool. A great base layer can be a game-changer for leg warmth, but you need the perfect blend of flexibility and insulation—which is what we specifically design our base layers to provide.

Insulated bib overalls like our Frostline™ Bib Overalls are among our most popular options for lower-body insulation layers to keep your legs warm. Their design leaves your upper body free to twist and flex, and they’re easy to pair with your favorite jacket or other upper-body protection for a custom fit that’s all yours.

Looking for insulated pants only? Our Insulated Softshell Pants and Cooler Wear™ Trousers could be just what you need, giving you a comfortable fit, serious cold protection, and the durability to keep going on the hard jobs. 

Total Body Warmth

Here’s a little secret for keeping warm—the warmer the rest of your body is, the warmer your arms and legs will stay. By keeping every part of your body warm, including fingers and toes, your body won’t have to work as hard to keep itself warm. It will have more blood supply to circulate and more heat to go around.

So make sure you’ve always got great winter work gloves and winter work boots ready when it’s time to go brave the storm. RefrigiWear even offers easy-to-use guides to choosing work gloves and work boots to help you make the best choice for your needs.

If your definition of keeping the lights on is a little more extreme than most people’s, RefrigiWear has the gear for you. Make sure to check out our Cold Tips for more expert knowledge on the best ways to stay warm on the job, including a guide to layering, how to use the RefrigiWear comfort rating system and much more.