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Cooler Wear™ Frock Liner

Cooler Wear™ Frock Liner

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Working in the cold can be a challenge when you don't have the right coat. The Cooler Wear™ Frock Liner features a knee-length design for maximum coverage, yet is also provides convenience with a side seam opening for access to bibs or pants pockets. It has clipboard-sized pockets, an insulated knit collar and snap closure. Also, it fits under frocks or lab coats.
  • 7.5 oz. Polyester fiberfill insulation
  • Water-repellent, ripstop coated nylon outershell
  • 2 Clipboard-sized front pockets
  • Side seam openings for trouser pocket access
  • Insulated knit collar
  • Snap-front closure
  • Fits under frocks or lab coats
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Lightweight Solution for Less Frigid Environments

7.5 oz. of fiberfill insulation paired with a rip stop coated nylon outershell make the Cooler Wear Frock Liner lightweight, durable, and warm – protecting you down to 10°F.

Lightweight material means you can move while maintaining warmth. Water-repellent coating helps keep you dry, which helps keep you warm.

Added Insulation for Additional Comfort

The insulted knit collar helps protect you from the cold.

The insulated front pockets are large enough to fit clipboards and provide additional comfort for your hands when needed.

Functional and Warm

The side seam openings on the lower portion of the jacket make it easy to access your pants pocket without unbuttoning the jacket and losing warmth.

The knit cuffs create a fitted seal against drafts to keep you warm.