Iron-Tuff® Coveralls with Hood
Comfort Rating -50°F
Iron-Tuff® Coveralls with Hood
Style: 0381
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The Minus 50 Suit With Hood provides full body coverage for extreme cold protection as low as 50 degrees below zero.  The attached hood has a knit wind seal for added resistance from wind and weather.  The Minus 50 Suit With Hood also comes with insulated oversized pockets, a heel reinforcement patch and heavy duty knit cuffs.
  • 11.25 oz. RefrigiFill™ insulation
  • Tear and abrasion resistant 420 denier nylon outershell
  • Water-repellent, windtight finish
  • Reinforced brass rivets at stress points
  • Bounds seams seal out drafts
  • 2 Oversized insulated front pockets and chest pocket
  • Zipper sleeve pocket with pencil stall
  • Sewn-on fleece-lined hood with knit wind seal
  • Heavy-duty knit cuffs
  • Heel reinforcement patches


Avg. Rating 5 (18)
  • 5
    I love this gear. I wore this working on the docks on the watercront in cold temps in the tens. And i was warm the whole entire time. If you work out doors in extreme cold weather. I recommend this overall.
  • 5
    My husband bought me a large tall one to start. The length was fine, but the body part was too big. We gave that one to my sister-in-law. Then I bought a large regular. We are using them mostly for camping. We don't care if it is cold outside, we wear our suits and also sleep in them in the trailer. Wonderful, wonderful. Can't say enough about how good these are. We also use them when we use our telescope at night. When the sun goes down it gets cold, and lots of time we are up at midnight looking at the stars.
  • 5
    These are made out of durable material and they get very warm. I would prefer if the pockets were put a bit higher so it would be easier to put my hands in them. I like it that the upper pocket has a pen light holder built into it. And I would like it if they had an inner pocket, or better yet two inner pockets, an inner pocket on both sides. I have to use a neck gaiter to stop the cold wind from freezing the front of my neck even with the hood on. But I like wearing a neck gaiter.
  • 4
    Good stuff
  • 4
    Thanks that i am allowed to return my order free of charge. I've been wearing my old one for a decade , and i need a new one..
  • 5
    acabo de recibir mi iron tuff coveralls , es la primera vez que uso uno de estos trajes , y la verdad estoy muy contento con la calidad del producto , en estos momentos estoy trabajando en fargo north Dakota , con temperaturas -1 grados con sensacion termica -18 grados , y en verdad me estan dando una gran ayuda , trabajando 10 horas diarias ala interperie , lo recomiendo .
  • 5
    Simply the best available, with out a doubt. I've had several sets over the last twenty years; the material repels melted snow unlike brown jumpsuits. Your butt stays dry riding snowmachine. I've run dogteam and year after year put 2000 miles a winter on the skandic; plenty of minus 50 & minus 60 straight temps. I also use mine during late sept susbsistence moose season when it's snowing/sleeting and wind is bowing on the river. You need it when in open boat. MY only complaint is that the hood should be available in a larger size; too small for my head gear. refrigiwear is good stuff for extreme cold wear use; reason why I am a loyal customer. thanks
  • 5
    This will be the third suit that I have gotten in the last 35 years, I have these suit to be awesome> the first suit I got back in the 60's and I eventually out grew it and had to get a new pair which again held up much longer that any other suit that I have. I was living up north and had a few suit to use like carhartt which was good as well but I liked the refrigiear the best. I wore the second suit out working in construction and it took a beating and kept doing the job of keeping me warm. I have just gotten the new suit which I am using on my new farm asd a I expected it still fits like a glove. I have already worn going to town when its below 20 degrees out. I have also been wearing in the early AM when I have to walk my dog and its cold then before the sun comes up. I cant say enough about this suit its the best. I will always have a pair for the rest of my life to use in the cold. Great job Refrigiwear. AAAAAA+++++++++++++++++
  • 5
    This my third time I have gotten the iron tuff coveralls in 40 years. I have never worn them just had to change my size over the years. My first pair of these coveralls was when.i worked for an ice cream plant in the deep freeze the company gave all a pair who worked in the freezer. At 30 below with wind from the blowers the suit kept very warm. When I left they let me keep the suit. I would use my pair each winter clearing snow, I lived outside NY city and we at time would get some cold winters. Then about 18 years later I had get a larger pair working in construction out side in the cold. I put a few pounds on.and needed a larger suit. Now I just got a new pair to wear because I am losing weight and the other were stained and beat up. I wear the pair out when I am going to town and just ed a new pair and all can say is that are true to the size and still keep me warm. Good job refrigiwear.
  • 5
    I just received my new suit and it is awsome. I tried it on and it fits like a glove and really warm. I get up each morning to walk the dogs and it is under 30 degrees at this time. This morning it was about 20 so I got into the new suit in my shorts and a t shirt. Well when I got outside I was nice and warm to the dogs for a long walk on the farm. I was so warm in the suit I didn't want to take them off. This suit looks and feels like it will last a long time. Good job refrigiwear, I'm looking at a hat now to order from you.
  • 5
    I just received my new suit, this make the third one. I got my first one back in early 60s it was green and it fit great. I used it until it dint fit anymore. That was about 10 years use and it held up great. I got the next pair from the company I was working for when I worked for an ice cream plant and I worked in the freezer unit where it got 30 to 40 below zero to freeze the ice cream. I was in collage at the time working a part time job. Thank god for this suit it kept me really warm all the time I was in the freezer. The ice cream company supplied the suit and there was 4 of us that used them. This suit got used a lot and by the time i left for another job the suit was ready to be retired. The company let us have them so I kept mine. Used it on really cold days up in northern NJ in the winter time. As is said I just got the new suit, now its been awhile and I was not sure of the size so I just ordered the same as the last one I had and it fits great just the way I like it. Im 63 now and this most like will be the last suit I get. I now live in Ky and there are some cold days but as much as it was in the other places I lived. We just had a cold bitter blizzard which lasted for about 5 days and I used my old suit, thats when I decided to get a new one. Just tried it on and all I can say the size is dead on. This suit is value for the money.
  • 5
    This Refrigiwear suit is awesome. This morning I got dressed in Under Armour 4.0 base layers, an additional 3.0 mock turtleneck top, jeans, Carhartt insulated bibs, and a hoodie. Getting to the job site, I was having to climb (I work on cell phone towers in Missouri/the midwest ) and with wind chill it "felt like" -4°. Even with all my layers that wind was getting to me, so I decided to try out this portable furnace. It's rated to feel "comfortable" at -50°, and I believe it. Before putting it on I stripped down to just the 4.0 bottom base layer and the 3.0 top, and holy hell was it warm. I had to climb with it unzipped all the way, and didn't cool off all day. Costs only a bit more than Carhartt's Arctic bibs, but way warmer. I couldn't wear the hood, it was too warm in 9° weather and 20+ mph winds. Only complaint is the limited overhead range of movement in the arms. If you work outdoors and need something to keep you war, this is it.
  • 4
    Want to love it. Has a bad zipper upon arrival. Not a huge deal but I expected better. Hasn't got down below 20° here in lower Michigan. But the upper 20's and 30° mark it has been plenty warm and does block out the wind. I'm sure it is going to do well. I have a 2 piece Carhart bib'n'jacket set up but I like the idea of just sliding in, one zip and out the door. I am 6'5" 230lbs. Not the biggest but not the smallest. I ordered the 2xlt height and shoulders are perfect. Puffy in the mid section. I'm sure once the material is worn in it will settle in. If not I'm sure I will fill up that area with age. Would give 5 stars if it wasn't for my zipper issue (zipper issue: suit is equipped with a double zipper. So you can zip up and open up for quick'n'easy bathroom relief. Mine isn't properly in place at the bottom 2". Makes zipping up and putting back in place difficult )
  • 5
    Jump out of bed in my pajamas's and slide into the minus 50 suit. run out the door to windy weather, sometimes snow, sleet but almost always windy. Sometimes standing around in the middle of cold winter nights outside for 3-4 hours at a time. -Lightweight -Industrial Duty (heavy steel zippers and seams, etc) -Can be put into a stuff sack for traveling (backpack) -Tall Sizes If your considering a purchase, buy! (I need this company around when I need to replace my suit- when the day comes)
  • 5
    I had my first one of these in the early 80's working at O'Hare was an awesome thing to have with Chicago winters, especially at the airport. I gave my first one to someone back in the early 90's and they still have it and use it every year. My 2nd set I have now had for 21 yrs and they are incredibly warm and tough. Back in 1984 it was almost 80 below zero with the windchill at O'Hare and I was actually toasty in these things. I am now buying my son a pair because he's a ground equipment mechanic at O'Hare and I told him that these are a must tool for that enviorment...these things really are incredibly warm and tough.
  • 5
    received my first back in 1981 still have it and have bought another . The best warm gear in the world especially at a football game !!
  • 5
    My husband and I both got one with the hood. We wanted something that would keep us out fishing in extreme cold weather for long periods of time. We live in Ontario Canada and were out the other day in -10c with up to 50km winds and I have to say, I love refrigiwear. We stayed out for five hours and the only thing that was cold was my hands and feet. We were out today again for about five hours in -1c in freezing rain and snow. After about three hours I could feel my knees were a bit damp from kneeling in the snow but still never got cold. Waterproof spray will fix that easy. If this suit ever wears out, I will be buying another.
  • 5
    I am glad you still sell these. I have both the full suit and Jacket. I bought mine and had my name sewed to mine, so I knew mine from the ones they had where we worked. Working in a freezer, was cold but when I bought this suit I stayed warm at 27 degrees below zero. The Blast felt colder and I would volunteered to do the runs in there.Where as the guys avoided it as much as possible. To anyone who has to deal with cold weather it is worth the money and for extra buy a parka to go over the suit. Now my suit is several years old. and still keeps me warm. This suit has been tough and endured over time as my favorite cold weather suit. I keep it in my car for emergencies never know when a winter storm will hit. Love you Bunches, from Virginia.
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