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December 17, 2019

Maintain Accuracy While Keeping Hands Protected

RefrigiWear® Announces New Touch-Rite and Key-Rite Nibs for Gloves

DAHLONEGA, GA (December 20, 2019) — In cold working environments, protecting employees’ hands often means bulky gloves that are not conducive to working with keypads, pressure sensitive screens, or touchscreens. As a result, employees remove their gloves to make entries, resulting in lost productivity and warmth, plus a risk of cold injury. If gloves aren’t being removed, orders may get keyed in incorrectly due to the bulky gloves, leading to delays and unhappy customers.

“It was important to find a solution that kept workers’ hands protected but allowed for precision accuracy,” explains RefrigiWear VP of Operations Scotty DePriest. Exclusive to RefrigiWear gloves, the new Key-Rite Nib and patent-pending Touch-Rite Nib help keep production high without sacrificing protection. The small attachment to the index finger allows accurate entry, minimizing keying errors due to large gloves and reduces concern of injury due to employees removing hand protection. DePriest continues, “Most touch screen gloves currently in the market create bulky ‘fat fingers’ that are fine for swiping touch screens, but are not adequate for the precision required to fully operate a keypad or text. Our Touch-Rite Nib is a uniquely engineered stylus tip for precision and accuracy on touchscreens. Paired with our extreme warmth and industrial strength protection, this set of features is not found in any other product on the market today.”

The Key-Rite Nib is available on RefrigiWear’s Extreme Freezer, Ergo Goatskin, HiVis Super Grip, Insulated HiVis Super Grip, Insulated High Dexterity, and Insulated Cowhide Leather gloves. Assembly is done in our Dahlonega, Georgia factory.

  • Use keypads and pressure screens accurately – the nib allows for precision keying, without the bulk of the glove getting in the way
  • The nib can be placed on any finger of the left or right glove, to suit the needs of the wearer. It is placed for easy keypad use while not interfering with other duties.
  • It is attached with no reduction in comfort rating or damage to insulation. The glove will still provide unmatched protection against the cold.
  • It is built to withstand everyday use. High impact duties won’t compromise the nib.

The Touch-Rite Nib is available on RefrigiWear’s Extreme Freezer and Insulated High Dexterity gloves.

·        Like having a stylus at your finger tip – use any touchscreen without removing glove, allowing accurate use while keeping hands warm. More accurate than other touchscreen gloves because only the nib and not the entire finger is touchscreen compliant. Text, call, input data all without removing your glove!

·        Attaches to index finger of right glove only. Attachment location makes it easy to use touchscreens without getting in the way while performing other duties.

·        Removable and replaceable – replacement packs are available should nibs be lost or damaged.

·        Pocket located on left glove to store spares. Never be without touchscreen capability.

·        Versatile – can be used just like the Key-Rite Nib for pressure sensitive screens and keypads.

“Our gloves are used for more than just cold protection,” says RefrigiWear Chief Revenue Officer Ryan Silberman. “We are very aware that our gloves need to be able to handle a multitude of job duties. This is why we are always looking for ways to make our customers’ jobs easier. We want to be sure we are offering the best.” 

For more information on our cold environment products and how RefrigiWear can protect you from the cold, contact RefrigiWear at 800-645-3744 or e-mail us at keepmewarm@refrigiwear.com.

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RefrigiWear, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of insulated industrial work wear, accessories and personal protective equipment for use in subzero temperatures, inclement weather and low-visibility environments. The same expertise in cold environments has also gone into creating everyday insulated clothing for work or play. For over 65 years, RefrigiWear has supplied the most demanding industries and climates with insulated garments and accessories needed to keep people warm, safe and productive. RefrigiWear is located in Dahlonega, Georgia, where many items are manufactured.

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