Get a leg up on winter weather
Own the Cold

Our founder Myron Breakstone taught us to go beyond "good enough." No one else has the selection of extreme cold weather bib overalls that we do.

We've got heavy-duty work bib overalls to keep you warm in temps hovering near freezing all the way down to -60°F. Our Iron-Tuff® Bib Overalls have the iconic -50°F protection that put RefrigiWear on the map in 1954. Our 54 Gold, PolarForce® and Frostline® Bib Overalls feature Performance-Flex so you can reach, bend and kick cold to the curb, even in sub-zero conditions. With so many warm insulated bib overalls to choose from, you’ll find the perfect solution to protect your bottom half.

There's no need to freeze your butt off working in the cold. Our outdoor winter bib overalls and pants give you a leg up on winter's worst weather. You handle the job, we'll handle the rest. Own the cold with RefrigiWear.

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