How Do I stay Warm When Working with Perishables?

Choosing the Right Gear for Employees Working with Fresh Produce

Fresh fruit and vegetables need to be processed, stored and shipped at cooler temperatures to prevent them from going bad before they hit the dinner table. When you work with fresh produce, you need to stay protected from the temperatures but also be able to get the job done efficiently. Things to consider: 


The temps aren’t subzero, but that doesn’t mean the cold isn’t still a risk! Without the proper protection, you can experience fatigue, confusion, hypothermia – even frostbite!

If you live somewhere that is typically warm and the cool temps you work in really get to you, you may choose stronger protection than others to stay warm. Pairing our tough, iconic and super warm Iron-Tuff® Bib Overalls, rated to -50°F, with a sweatshirt like our Thermal Lined Sweatshirt (which is thicker and warmer than a box-store hoodie) will keep you protected and productive – and keep you from getting chilled to the bone.

If the cold bothers you, but not enough to need subzero-rated gear, our Cooler Wear™ line is rated to 10°F while still offering lightweight protection and lasting durability. The Cooler Wear™ Jacket keeps you protected without weighing you down. Just need some warmth for your core? The Cooler Wear™ Vest has a great fit and an extended back for more protection. Choose the Cooler Wear™ Bib Overalls if you want added core protection along with lower body warmth.

If you move around a bunch and worry about overheating, our 15°F rated Econo-Tuff® line is a solid choice. The Econo-Tuff® Jacket is tough, lightweight and built for hard work. Looking for extended protection? The Econo-Tuff® Frock Liner is the perfect protection for under lab coats and frocks, with slits on the sides to access your pants’ pockets. To protect your core and lower body at the same time the Econo-Tuff® High Bib Overalls  get the job done.

If you live for the cold and only need light protection, put our Sweats and Fleece to the test. The Frostline® Sweatshirt has three layers of protection and abrasion-resistant panels to handle the toughest jobs.

Protect your head and ears from the cold with a knit cap or a headband

Safety Concerns

When working with fresh produce, you have more safety concerns than just staying warm. You’re on your feet all shift, on floors that can be slick from water. You need non-slip boots designed for cold conditions – and off-the-counter work boots aren’t. All the footwear we offer have non-slip outsoles designed not to crack in cold temps. Our boots also fight against injury and moisture thanks to our exclusive VitaComfort® system.

Protect your hands from the hazards of the job with ANSI-certified cut resistant gloves. In addition to be being cut resistant, the HiVis Thermal Ergo Glove also has a crinkle nitrile foam coating for added grip. 


Moisture in the air and on the product can seep into your clothes and bring a chill that you just can’t shake. Moisture is the enemy of warmth, so you need protection from wetness as well as cold. Most of our gear is water-repellant, so if the moisture isn’t too bad, you don’t need added protection beyond that. Our Softshell Collection features a range of choices that offer warmth and water-repellent protection, such as our Insulated Softshell Jacket and Pants, both rated to -20°F. Dealing with very wet conditions? You’ll need to upgrade to waterproof gear. Our Full Dip Ergo Gloves offer great grip and waterproof protection where the dip is.

Moisture that forms inside your gear can cool you down too. You must keep sweat from building up on your skin in order to stay warm. Our Flex-Wear Top has moisture-wicking fabric to keep sweat off your skin and the chill out of your bones. 

At the end of the day, staying warm and protected comes down to you. Whether you're on a lift, in production, or re-packing, the right protection means performance. Master the Cold® with gear from RefrigiWear.