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Safety Tips for Drivers

Safety is a priority for drivers, whether dealing with icy roads, traffic or constant sitting. Know the tricks to stay safe while getting the job done.

Cut Off Engine Before Exiting

Though this is already a best practice for most drivers, don’t forget to cut the engine before exiting. This reduces the chance for accidents.

Use Flashlight to Check For Ice

Black ice is an invisible danger. Before doing a delivery, use a flashlight to check the ground for icy patches, so you know where to avoid.

Be Aware of Surroundings

With deliveries happening in areas with high traffic, fully take in your surroundings before exiting. And make sure you’re wearing HiVis gear.

Exercise and Eat Well

Fight the toll constant sitting takes on the body with ergonomic apparel and incorporate regular exercise and eating healthy.

Don’t Stop on Shoulder (Except in Emergencies, Bad Weather)

In bad weather visibility is poor, so stopping on the shoulder when it isn’t necessary creates a safety risk. Get to the next exit to pull off. 

Keep Lights Clean

In bad weather, lights are often the only part of a vehicle other drives can see. Keep your lights clean and free of debris so you can see and others can see you.