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Quality Won’t Be Compromised

RefrigiWear’s Multi-Step Process Ensures Tough, Durable Products That Will Last

Quality is not a single action, it’s a habit. And it isn’t just a buzzword we throw around at RefrigiWear. Quality is one of our Core Values. We’re so dedicated to quality, we put it on the wall of our lobby. Why? So every visitor that comes in sees our dedication. So every employee is reminded what we are striving for day after day. But what does that mean on a practical level? How do we ensure quality starting from design all the way through delivery and beyond?

Product Development

We are the ones out in the field with you, seeing the problems you face, looking for solutions to improve your protection and your performance. For that reason, we design our products in house at our Dahlonega, GA headquarters. We don’t take the designs of someone else and slap our logo on them. Other companies don’t know the ins and outs of working in the cold like we do. Every aspect is considered in the design process. How will this sleeve affect your reach? Will this lining protect better than this lining? We create a technical package, that we call a “tech pack.” These are thorough outlines for every aspect of construction of the product, down to every stitch. Think of it as a blueprint for the garment, the same way you have blueprints for a building. We get samples made throughout the design process which allow us to make tweaks and changes. This process guarantees the finished product meets our tough standards.

Manufacturing Oversight

Though we manufacture some items in house at our Dahlonega HQ, the volume we need to produce requires some outside partners. It’s one of the reasons our spec and tech packs are so detailed – we want to make sure there’s no question about how the product should be assembled and constructed.

We only choose manufacturers who have the same dedication to quality that we do. We stay in constant communication with our manufacturers before, during and after production. We even visit our manufacturers’ plants at least 3 times a year to audit their processes, procedures and equipment, to make sure they meet our standards of quality.

We source tough, durable, high quality materials and require our manufacturers to do in-bound checks of the materials to make sure there are no defects or issues. Our manufacturers are also required to do spot checks throughout the assembly process to make sure everything is following spec. Completed products are checked before being packed and shipped to our HQ in Georgia.

Auditing and Company-Wide Controls

We have a Quality Control team in-house, solely dedicated to checking products as they arrive. This amazing crew works hard to catch any issues before our gear is put in stock, so a product that doesn’t meet our standards isn’t shipped out. If an issue is discovered with one item, all items of that product are checked for issues. If an issue that effects multiple items is discovered, we alert our manufacturing partners and make sure they take steps to address it and prevent it from happening again.

In addition to our in-house Quality Control team, we have a Quality Council made up of team members from across departments. This team is responsible for making sure the highest quality is achieved not just in our products, but throughout the customer experience with us.

We also dig into the data – returns, repairs, reviews – the list goes on. We’re looking for any patterns that might signal a quality issue. With our best-in-industry Customer Service Team here to help with placing orders, returns, issues, and whatever might arise, you know you have a partner dedicated to quality.

When you are buying for a team, you want to make sure their gear not only protects them but won’t fall apart when dealing with tough jobs in tougher conditions. With RefrigiWear, you get gear that is designed to be tough, durable and warm – and that is backed by our dedication to quality.