New Gear to Master the Cold

New Gear to Master the Cold®

Our Latest Launch of New Products Will Keep You Warm at Work

WarmPlus Graphene Lining

Found in our new 54 Gold Jacket, 54 Gold Bib Overalls and Extreme Hooded Jacket, the WarmPlus graphene lining is an advanced new feature to keep workers warm. The graphene printed in a honeycomb pattern on the lining traps escaping body heat and transfers it back to you, adding lasting warmth with no added weight or stiffness. Graphene lining is 24% warmer than traditional lining.

It’s Still Cold Above Zero

You might know us for our extreme protection in temps down to -50°F and -60°F. But temps that are above zero but around freeing are still dang cold. That’s why we have the new ChillShield™ Jacket and Pants. Perfect for temps from 10°F to 40°F, these super durable garments have our AirBlaze™ insulation to keep them lightweight but warm. And the material is quiet as you move so you aren’t bothered by extra noise as you work.


We have some game-changing innovations in a few of our products. The new Iron-Tuff® Hiker isn’t just an exciting, warm addition to Iron-Tuff®. It features our new VitaComfort® Bounce midsole. Our new VitaComfort® Bounce midsole helps you keep that bounce in your step, even after a long shift. The advanced material absorbs the shock from your step, cushioning your foot as it makes contact with the floor. See the difference in this video

Our new PolarForce® Insulated Reflective Cap has insulation in the knit – our only knit cap with the added warmth and protection of insulation. This is the kind of hot head you want to be at work. 

The Extreme Ultra Grip Glove gives you more than just ultra-grip. The incredibly durable palm is cut resistant and can handle anything you need to tackle throughout the day. It also has touchscreen capability on the forefinger so you don’t have to remove your gloves to use screens.


From -50°F to 40°F, we’ve got you fully covered if you prefer pants for lower-body protection. We have 6 new pants this year, including sweatpants and women’s pants. And to make sure you have the best fit and comfort (and aren’t impersonating a plumber at work) we’ve also got durable suspenders