Protection That Keeps Productivity High

RefrigiWear’s Key-Rite and Touch-Rite Additions Keep Gloves Working

You have a facility kept at freezing or sub-zero temps, so you started right and outfitted your employees with the best gear to keep them warm. You know how the cold can negatively impact performance—and therefore productivity—and you wanted to stop that before it started. For the most part, it worked! Most employees have great productivity. But for the few that need to use touchscreens or keypads, you are noticing a lag that you can’t explain. What could the issue be? It’s probably their gloves.

Insulated gloves are needed to protect hands, which are very vulnerable to cold. The problem arises in that the types of gloves that protect in the temps your teams are working in can’t be thin—insulation is needed to provide the proper protection. That insulation makes the glove fingers so thick they can’t quickly input data on keypads with accuracy and likely can’t use touchscreens at all. So, they have to move slowly to input data correctly—or worse, they remove their important protection to do the data input. This isn’t just bad for productivity—it’s also is a serious safety concern if gloves are being removed in below freezing conditions. Luckily, RefrigiWear has solutions to keep your employees safe all shift long without impacting their productivity. 

Key-Rite Nibs for Keypad Input

For employees that use keypads or pressure sensitive screens that find insulated gloves make accuracy difficult, our exclusive Key-Rite Nib is the perfect solution. We install the Key-Rite Nibs in-house, so you can choose which hand and finger (or fingers) you’d like the nib on. Have a lefty who needs it on their left index finger? Done. Have crew that uses full keyboards in the freezer that could use them on every finger? We can do that too. It doesn’t compromise the warmth of the glove and means important protection stays protecting while work gets done. 

The Key-Rite Nib is currently offered on our Extreme Freezer Glove (rated to -30°F), Ergo Goatskin Glove (rated to -25°F), Insulated Abrasion Safety Glove (rated to -20°F), Insulated Cowhide Leather Glove (rated to -20°F), Insulated HiVis Super Grip (rated to -10°F), and HiVis Super Grip Glove (rated to 30°F). 

Touch-Rite Nibs for Touchscreen and Keypad Input

Employees using touchscreens often can’t have their gloves on at all. Or the touchscreen capability on their insulated glove is a little too finicky for them to be able to work quickly. For those that also have to use keypads, they face similar issues of accuracy. Our Touch-Rite Nibs add touchscreen (and keypad) capability to two of our most popular freezer gloves, so data entry doesn’t have to slow down or be done unsafely. The nibs, attached to the right index finger, screw off when they aren’t needed and can be stored in a pocket on the left glove. Replacement nibs are sold in packs of 10, so there’s no worry about losing functionality if a nib is lost.

The Touch-Rite Nib is currently available on our Extreme Freezer Glove (rated to -30°F) and Insulated Abrasion Safety Glove (rated to -20°F).

Don’t have extreme temps to contend with but still want your employees to have protection and touchscreen functionality? Check out our full range of touchscreen capable gloves