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Superior Protection and Performance are Driven by Innovation

At RefrigiWear, Innovation is Key to Helping Keep You Warm & Productive

Doing a tough job and a cold or harsh environment doesn’t get easier. It just keeps throwing the worst at you. So we keep developing and innovating the best for you. It is always our goal to make sure you can tackle the toughest jobs with the best gear.

Innovation is at the Core of Who We Are

RefrigiWear was built on innovation. When Myron Breakstone founded RefrigiWear in 1954, it was to provide a better, more productive way to keep employees warm while working in the cold. His first innovation was using the tough nylon that protected parachutes as the outershell for jackets, which is the genesis of our iconic Iron-Tuff collection. Still a trusted part of our product offering, Iron-Tuff is durable and warm – able to withstand the everyday wear and tear of tough jobs.

RefrigiWear Innovations

RefrigiWear has been innovating for over 60 years, so we’ve created a number of products with cutting-edge features to help keep you protected and performing at a high level, even when it’s -60°F in a freezer warehouse or raining buckets.

Extreme Collection: Our Extreme Collection offers head-to-toe protection and features the only garments on the market rated to -60°F so you stay safe and warm even in the harshest conditions. When the cold makes others stay at home, you take it to the extreme.

PolarForce Collection: The entire PolarForce™ Collection was designed for flexibility, warmth and improved performance. Rated to -40°F with features that give you maximum freedom of movement to get the job done, excuses will be for the other guys. You will outperform with PolarForce™.

Performance-Flex: Performance-Flex is an expandable, ribbed fabric at key flex points to allow more freedom of movement. Available on select gloves, jackets, bibs and sweatshirts, it will let your gear move with you so you can get the job done without a fight.

RefrigiFill®: Our proprietary blend of insulation was designed with optimal loft to trap the most air for warmth. More importantly, it won’t lose its loft like other insulation does over time, so your garments can keep you warm for years.
Touch-Rite & Key-Rite Nibs: Working in freezing temperatures often means bulky protection to keep your hands warm. That bulk can mean inaccurate work when using a keypad or touchscreen. Our Key-Rite and Touch-Rite Nibs allow you to enter data accurately without removing vital protection.
VitaComfort®: Working in low temperatures on your feet all day means you need extra protection to keep your feet comfortable and warm and to prevent long-term injuries. The VitaComfort system in RefrigiWear boots provides cushioning and support to help reduce fatigue and injury from standing all day. In addition, the gravity-fed moisture management system wicks away sweat so your feet stay dry, warm and comfortable.

Grip Assist: Though the materials used in gloves, jackets and other protective gear are great for keeping you warm, they aren’t the best when it comes to gripping and carrying. Whether your job is as a driver, warehouse picker, or construction worker – gripping and carrying are often key parts of the job. Our silicone dot pattern below the elbow on jackets, sweatshirts and compression sleeves and on the palms and fingers of gloves creates a stronger grip so you can lift and carry objects easier.

Flex-Wear: The base layer is the layer that lies against your skin, so it needs to accomplish three important things: warmth, moisture control and flexibility. RefrigiWear’s durable, lightweight Flex-Wear Base Layers provide all three. The 4-way stretch material moves with you, so whether you’re reaching to grab boxes or bending to wrap pallets, you aren’t constrained by a stiff garment.

Outershell Materials: We were the first to use softshell materials in a -60°F jacket, and other companies have played follow-the-leader for decades to try to make jackets with outershells as tough as our Iron-Tuff collection. We may see designs that can benefit our customers, but it is our upgrades to outershell materials—like the weight of rip-stop, bonded fleece or coating—that make our garments worthy of being called “RefrigiWear tough.”

Contact us at keepmewarm@refrigiwear.com  or at 800-645-3744 to learn how we can help you find a solution to your needs.