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How Do I Stay Warm in the Freezer?

Choosing the Right Gear Working as a Picker

Working as an Order Selector in any warehouse is a demanding job. It’s even more demanding when the warehouse temps are below freezing or subzero. So, when choosing the protective gear you’re going to wear to stay warm and still get the job done, there are certain things you’ve got to take into consideration. 


Sure, the thermometer says it’s -15°F in there, but you’ll be moving around, bringing the real feel up. As you generate body heat, you won’t feel the actual temperature. So you need to make sure you aren’t wearing something too warm. That’ll make you sweat, which will make you colder.

Choose a jacket like our Insulated Softshell Jacket, which is rated to -20°F. It comes in multiple colors, including Enhanced Visibility and HiVis for low-visibility or high-traffic freezers. Softshell is the perfect material for jobs that require a lot of physical activity, because it is flexible and easy to work in. Pair a jacket with a pair of insulated pants, like our Insulated Softshell Pants, and you’ll be good to go.

To protect your head and ears, choose a knit cap. Pair it with a gaiter if you want some extra draft protection around your neck. 

Cold Contact

Not only are your boots constantly on a cold floor, your hands are constantly touching frozen product. You need to think about how that cold will transfer to you and protect against it.

Your gloves need a few features to keep you protected from all aspects of the job without your performance dipping. First, insulation to protect against the cold temps—both the air and the cold product. You also want grip and dexterity, so you can grab the product without issue. Our Knit Gloves and Performance Gloves have a range of options in different comfort ratings to help you get to work without worrying. Options like our Dual-Layer Herringbone Grip gloves paired with a liner give you warmth and grip.

You want work boots that won’t crack under the pressure—literally. Off-the-rack work boots are not specifically designed to be worn on freezer floors. Our footwear has specially designed soles that can handle the temps. Plus, our exclusive VitaComfort® system keeps your feet dry and protects against impact injury. Our PolarForce™ Hiker and Tungsten Hiker are great choices for Order Selectors working in a freezer, because they are warm but lighter than other insulated boots, so you won’t get tired feet as quickly.


When you work hard, you sweat. You need to think about the ways you can reduce sweat and keep it from cooling you down to the point you can’t recover from it.  

Fight against the cold with a moisture-wicking base layer, like our Flex-Wear Top. Moisture-wicking socks with special construction that includes breathable vents, such as our PolarForce™ Sock, will help keep your feet dry and comfortable. 


You bend, reach, stretch and more as a Picker. So you need gear that isn’t going to get in the way of that.

If a jacket and pants combo feels too bulky for you, an insulated sweatshirt like our Extreme Hybrid Sweatshirt with Performance-Flex worn under our Insulated Softshell Bibs will keep you warm while giving you a bit more range of movement. Need more visibility? Our softshell bibs come in Enhanced Visibility and HiVis, and our HiVis PolarForce™ Sweatshirt with Performance-Flex pairs well under them.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal comfort on what will work best for you because everyone feels cold differently. But the temperature, how much body heat you generate, how much you come into contact with the cold, how much you sweat, and how restricted you feel are all considerations to make when choosing your gear to work in a freezer as an Order Selector.