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How Do I Stay Warm and Protected in Different Environments?

Choosing the Right Gear for Maintenance and Janitorial Staff

Working maintenance or janitorial is a vital role in any business. It’s a tough job that gets even tougher when you throw in near-freezing and subzero temps. When gearing up for a full day of work, make sure you are prepared and fully protected. Things to consider:


You move between temperature zones to do your job and keep the facility running. From dry to cooler to freezer, you have to adjust to where you are working. Layering is a key component for that. But you’re still generating body heat from movement, so even in the freezer you don’t want outerwear that is too warm.

When working in the freezer, you want something warm but also rugged and durable. Our ComfortGuard® Collection features a durable cotton denim outershell that can handle all you throw at it. The ComfortGuard Utility Jacket is packed with pockets, so you can keep important items close by. The ComfortGuard Service Jacket and Arctic Duck® Jacket with Hood are the perfect length if you wear a tool belt.

To protect your head and ears, choose a knit cap. Pair it with a gaiter if you want some extra draft protection around your neck. 

Cold Contact & Cold Degradation

Moving between different temps isn’t just hard on you – it is hard on your gear. Gear that isn’t designed for it can fall apart. You also need gear that will protect you from the cold you’ll be coming in contact with.

You don’t just have to worry about the cold, you work with tools that require dexterity to use. Convertible Mitts keep your hands warm when you aren’t working but give you the dexterity you need to get the job done when you are. Our Softshell Convertible Mitts protect down to -10°F. Pair with a liner for added warmth. Coated gloves provide added grip and protection.

You’re on your feet all shift, moving from cold floors to warm outside temps. Regular work boots aren’t designed for the conditions you work in. They’ll crack and come apart when exposed to cold floors and frequent changes in temperature. All the footwear we offer can handle low temps without cracking or falling apart. Fight against injury and moisture with our exclusive VitaComfort® system


Moisture cools you down, so you have to fight it when working in the cold. That means getting rid of the sweat that builds when you work hard. Our Flex-Wear Top offers moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry. Socks with wool content (which is naturally moisture wicking) and special features like breathable vents, such as our PolarForce™ Sock, keep your feet warm and comfortable all day. 

Movement & Visibility

Sometimes your job in maintenance or janitorial requires bending, reaching, stretching and other movement. Our Frostline Jacket features AirBlaze insulation – making it thin, lightweight and super warm. If even a lightweight jacket feels too bulky for you, an insulated sweatshirt like our HiVIs PolarForce Hybrid Sweatshirt with Performance-Flex will keep you warm while giving you a bit more range of movement. It also offers added safety thanks to the HiVis lime color. 

Working in maintenance or janitorial for a large facility that includes subzero and near freezing temperatures means your job is extra tough. The right gear for you will depend on how you experience cold, the exact job functions you have and the conditions you spend the day in.