Man scanning food wearing insulated work wear for working in the cold. RefrigiWear Iron-Tuff embroidered in-house

Case Study: Reinforcing Teamwork with Professional Embroidery

Using our In-House Embroidery Team Shortened Delivery and Improved Morale

The Customer

A national supply chain company that services over 13,000 major fast-food restaurants, this RefrigiWear customer has 28 domestic facilities. As part of their outfitting, every employee is given an embroidered watch cap beanie for head protection, whether in the -10°F freezer or the 38°F dock. 

The Problem

After ordering the knit caps from RefrigiWear, the purchasing manager was driving the shipment from the facility to a 3rd party embroiderer. This was not only encroaching on the manager’s personal time, but it was also creating delays of a week or more from delivery of the product to it getting in employees’ hands. The embroidery quality also wasn’t as high quality as it should have been for the price.

With delays and frustrations mounting, a few things became apparent:

  1. The facility needed to reduce delays
  2. The manager needed their free time back  
  3. The quality of embroidery needed to be upgraded
  4. Costs needed to be lowered 

“I was so relieved to find out that RefrigiWear offered embroidery services. I no longer had to transport large cases of caps to the embroidery shop and wait a week to get them back. My caps were professionally embroidered and usually only took an extra day. This improved our company’s costs and took a lot of stress off me as a purchasing manager to delivery PPE to our employees.”

– Company Purchasing Manager 

The Solutions

We introduced this facility to our professional in-house embroidery services.  We have a full team at RefrigiWear that does direct embroidery, patch emblems and more to help our customers customize their RefrigiWear gear. Every knit cap they ordered was embroidered with the customer logo. We offer Pantone® color matching, so the logo on the headwear matches the company logo exactly. The headwear would now arrive at the facility fully embroidered and ready to be worn. 

The Results

By utilizing RefrigiWear’s in-house embroidery team the customer saved money. Our costs were lower than the 3rd party they were using. Because we know our products and have a team of experienced operators, not only did the company save money but they also got a higher quality end product for their logo embroidery.

The frustrations and delays were also eradicated. The manger no longer had to spend their personal time hauling all the headwear to the off-site embroiderer and back. Plus, the headwear was arriving at the facility from RefrigiWear ready to wear, so employees were protected faster with a better cap.

Embroidery adds a professional touch to protective gear and makes it feel more like a uniform. Wearing logoed gear creates that connection of teamwork in a new way. Where before the embroidery represented a frustration, it instead accomplished the intended purpose of bringing the team together. 

:  Row of embroidery machines embroidering hats. RefrigiWear has an in-house embroidery team to personalize your gear.
Close up shot of embroidery in process.  RefrigiWear has an in-house embroidery team to personalize your gear.