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Jayne Denham's "Black Coffee and White Lines" Video Features Ice Road Truckers and RefrigiWear Gear

Jayne Denham's new video for the song "Black Coffee and White Lines" features 3 of the History Channel's Ice Road Truckers as well as some of RefrigiWear's warmest gear. The video was shot in Alaska, and the song celebrates the dedicated men and women that move goods across our roads—in good weather and in extreme conditions. It's a true heart-felt tribute to some of the hardworking men and women RefrigiWear loves the most. 

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Jayne Denham and Ice Road Truckers

While on the shoot in Alaska, Jayne commented in a social media post: "Not sure how we would have coped tonight in minus 8, but it felt like minus 15 due to wind chill, without our clothes supplied by RefrigiWear THANK YOU!!" 

Pictured from left: Ice Road Truckers Maya Sieber and Carey Hall; country music star Jayne Denham; Ice Road Trucker Lisa Kelly; video director Jay Seeney 

Jayne Denham

Jayne is a country/rock singer and songwriter recognized around the world for her songs that celebrate blue collar heroes, especially those in the trucking community. Originally from Australia, the singer-songwriter is passionate about raising the profile of the transport industry. Denham is taking this passion to new heights as an ambassador for "Women In Trucking" in the USA and has performed at some of the biggest truck shows in the world.

Here she is rocking RefrigiWear's Pure-Soft Jacket while on the "Black Coffee and White Lines" video shoot.

Ice Road Truckers Maya Sieber, Carey Hall and Lisa Kelly

Ice Road Truckers Maya Sieber, Carey Hall and Lisa Kelly (from left) starred in the video with Jayne (center) in the frigid cold of Alaska. During the shoot and in portions of the video, you can see them wearing some of RefrigiWear's warmest gear:

Maya Sieber:

Carey Hall:

Lisa Kelly:

Veteran trucker Carey Hall knows that goods don't just move themselves, and he loves trucking as only a dedicated driver in Alaska's harsh conditions can. Check out the Extreme Sweater Jacket he wears in many of the clips from the video.

RefrigiWear salutes all of the drivers, warehouse workers and production employees that keep our world moving. Here's a look at the some of the essential gear and unique challenges for those working as drivers in the transportation industry. 

See more about Carey in this video