Broken Teepee | This time of year is tricky in Montana – it can be below freezing one day and in the sixties the next. Or I can wake up in the morning to frost everywhere and by noon I’m sweltering. It makes dressing a bit of a challenge particularly in with what jacket to choose. This conversation on Fall to Winter outerwear for women is brought to you by RefrigiWear..... Read more

Broken Teepee | As much as many of us would like to push it back, winter is coming. It does this every year. As I type this our weather forecast has snow in it for tonight. We will probably not see it here in the valley but I expect to see the mountains across the river to have a white cover in the morning. It is time to start thinking about winter gear. You want to be sure you are ready and RefrigiWear will get you there.... Read more

The Outdoor Gear Review | Luke from The Outdoor Gear Review took a trip to Lone Wolf Mountain to share some reviews. See the Arctic Duck Jacket with Hood in action in this “Random Chat Lunch” video and see more at www.theoutdoorgearreview.com  Watch the Review

Amanda Farris | So right when I start my “goal” of my 20-25 miles per week, I’m met with running in sub freezing temperatures. But I am so thankful for having the right kind of gear to run in. It makes a huge difference!  Read More

Blue Ridge Outdoors | The Flex-Wear Hybrid Top protects core warmth while maintaining range of motion. Lightweight and comfortable, the arms and back are made of stretchy, flexible fabric that moves with you. It offers a quilted torso for... Read More

Shawna Coronado | One of the immensely huge challenges of my osteoarthritis is winter. Cold weather kicks my osteo so hard that I can end up cramped and limping. My neck, in particular, suffers because I tend to scrunch up my shoulders in the arctic Chicago-area weather which forms muscle and tendon strain. This, in turn, can give me a lot of pain.  
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Creative Living | My go to garden gear this time of year is my RefrigiWear Extreme Jacket .  It is not to heavy to wear while I harvest in the winter garden and also keeps me cozy warm on my walk to the geodesic dome.  
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Wisconsin State Journal | Lone Rock still brags about Jan. 30, 1951, when the temperature plunged to 53 degrees below zero, making it the coldest spot in the country on that day.
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Channel 13 National TV/You Tube | The Chilean Air Force is conducting an ongoing expedition to Antarctica and needed the best protection from the harsh conditions. They chose RefrigiWear’s Extreme Softshell jacket and bibs to protect them from the possible -30°C temperatures. Check out a news piece about the expedition from Channel 13 National TV in Chile. (Video is in Spanish)
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Hunting Life | this year was going to be a little too warm for our needs especially when we were hunting in t-shirts for the Nebraska archery and rifle season. When we got the call in October to test out some of the gear from RefrigiWear, 
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Western New Yorker |  Winter has officially fallen here in Western New York. About 41 inches of that white fluffy stuff to be exact! I live near the lake, lake effect snow is NO joke! Our driveway took about an hour to shovel, salt and dig out our vehicles.. 
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Deals Among Us | I will be the first to admit that as a San Diegan, I see very little weather changes. Generally speaking the weather is 70’s and sunny – at least that is what people will make you believe. 
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Staying Close to Home | Do you live in a cold climate, then you need to buy your guy something from RefrigiWear, a leader in cold-weather gear.  RefrigiWear products are for or anyone that enjoys the outdoors even when the temperatures drop. For outdoor recreation and activities like gardening, we can offer a range of products that are suitable. 
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Suburban Jungle | I have spent my entire life in the upper midwest - just a stone's throw away from the Canadian border. The coldest I remember was negative 65 F in the late nineties. I walked 2 miles to school that day. It was cold!!

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Road Trips for Familes | If you have plans for winter camping, consider the Thermal Knit Mask from RefrigiWear for both comfort and safety. The thermal knit layer offers warmth for your head and neck, while the quilted face guard and detachable mouthpiece provide additional protection against the elements. 
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All in a Days Work Blog | Whether he works outside – or just plays there – sometimes finding a gift for him can prove to be a challenge. Since I know men who do both, they helped me put together the perfect gift guide for any outdoor man in your life....Read More

Mud pies and Tiaras | TI don’t spend as much time outside now, thank goodness. I do plan to to start run this winter, which means being outside in the rain and snow and wind and general miserableness. I don’t feel like shelling out the major cash...Read More

Oregon Live | This time of year the fall and winter weather can be quite unpredictable. Weather extremes may range from showers and rainstorms, to cold and wind, to deep freezes or snow and everything in-between. And there can even be times when you get a weather mix of extremes all in one day...Read More

Peachtree Roadies | It’s officially COLD in Georgia at 6:45 AM when my pup Bocephus decides he absolutely, 100% cannot wait a single moment longer to go outside for his morning walk. The kind of cold that definitely requires a hood – but not a floor length parka. ... Read More

Broken Teepee | I am very pleased to be back with another great piece from RefrigiWear today – I am so happy to share this company with you. RefrigiWear provided the clothing for review but all the opinions are my own – and the hubby’s. Last week I showed you the Flex-Wear Top. The hubby is very happy with it – I can hardly get it off of him to run it through the washer! It’s one of many holiday gift ideas that RefrigiWear has for you this season and beyond... Read more

Snowshoe Magazine | RefrigiWear’s ComfortGuard Gloves are a decent pair for a bargain price. Though it’s not without its flaws, the ComfortGuard Glove from RefrigiWear is an exceptionally priced, surprisingly comfortable winter glove. Read More

Broken Teepee | Are you in need of a women’s winter jacket? I was and am very glad that RefrigiWear sent me their Vertical Puffer Jacket. It’s available in four colors, black, turquoise, purple and plum – I chose plum. Plum is really pink if you ask me – you can judge when you see the photos... Read more

Heartfully Heather | The colder months are creeping in and that means it’s time to break out the winter coats, scarves, beanies, and gloves.  If you live in a snowy area like I do, the kids will soon be breaking out the snow-suits too! Temperatures this time of year can easily change with how strong the wind is. Windchill is a real factor here, the difference in temperature with windchill can be 20 degrees. Read More...

Hobbies on a Budget | One thing you never know about is weather. When you head out for an adventure, you want to make sure you don’t get cold. Whether you are planning a winter hiking adventure, or a day at the pumpkin patch, you want to be warm.The Refigiwear Softshell Jacket is lightweight and comfortable for everyday wear, but keeps you warm no matter what adventure you are planning! Read More...

Broken Teepee | The hubby is outside a lot between his gardens, gathering and chopping wood and just enjoying the beauty of the forest. There are only about two months of the year where you can wake up, get dressed and not have to adjust what you put on due to the changing weather conditions. The rest of the months it is all about layering to prevent overheating. That is why I was very happy when RefrigiWear sent some pieces from their line for the hubby to review.. Read more

Live Love Hunt | Spring is here and in St. Louis our temperatures swing back and forth from chilly to warm in only a few short hours. This is why I suggest purchasing RefrigiWear’s Quilted Vest, especially if you are outdoors as much as I am.  Read More

Blue Ridge Outdoors | The RefrigiWear Fleece is soft, stretchy, and super-warm, but it’s also tough enough to handle the worst and most unexpected wintry weather.  Read More

Bird Chick | This podcast is brought to you by Refrigirware! I've been wearing the Women's Vertical Puffer Jacket and it's compact and warm. Read More

The Fishing Wire | If you're hard on your outdoors gear--and I tend to be--the Refrigiwear Arctic Duck Jacket may be the coat for you. This hip-length jacket is made of an exceptionally heavy duck material... Read More

Snowshoe Magazine | It’s not often that a company downplays its products, but Refrigiwear is the exception to that rule. I’ve been testing out its horizontal puffer jacket and hooded base layer pullover, and they’ve been impressive so far. Read More

Chi Wulff | We were recently invited to review one of RefrigiWear’s jackets, and after pondering it a bit we chose their Arctic Duck Jacket as our target. Read More

OMJ Outdoors | We had the pleasure of testing the following RefrigiWear extreme cold weather gear. Extreme Softshell Jacket and the Extreme Softshell Bib. After unboxing and at first glance, both the jacket and bib... Read More 

OMJ Outdoors | Over the last few weeks we have had the pleasure of using the RefrigiWear Women’s Quilted Jacket (Style number 0423) this jacket boasts a comfort rating for temperatures around 20F/-7C. ... Read More 

Road Trips for Familes | Fortunately, I was wearing the 3-in-1 Insulated Jacket from RefrigiWear with an insulated Polyester lining over a waterproof exterior shell.....
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FlyFisherous | I was recently sent one of the 3-in-1 insulated jackets from RefrigiWear to check out and review. I was not familiar with the brand, or what they offered before receiving this jacket, so it was cool to get introduced to a new company with an actual product to try out....
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ODU Magazine | In the Fall of 2015 ODU received a RefrigiWear 3-in-1 Insulated Jacket to checkout and possibly recommend...Read More

Hunting The First State | While many people consider fishing to be a warm-weather endeavor, many anglers brave colder temperatures to pursue fish throughout the fall, winter, and early spring. Rather than heading to their favorite fishing holes in shorts and t-shirts...
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GearFlogger | So here's an idea: for those outside jobs where you need to stay warm while getting some real work done, work that may involve heavy weights, sharp edges and the potential for permanent stains, get a jacket designed for the job.Read More

Morning Moss | Fall and winter fishing can be insanely fun, but it can also be very cold. That is, unless you have the right gear. Refrigiwear is a brand that’s been catering to the commercial cold weather gear space for years, but their jackets are great for fishing too. Read More

Snowgrrl |  Historically worn by and geared towards industrial workers who need insulated clothing, accessories, and personal protective equipment for use in subzero temperatures, inclement weather, and low-visibility environments, RefrigiWear’s offerings this season also appeal to a wider audience! Read More

Steez Magazine |  Refrigiwear makes insulated work wear – everything from jackets to vests to gloves to boots. Their “Horizontal Puffer Jacket” is one of the top jackets that they offer, and does a great job at keeping you warm in cold environments... Major points for that. Read More

Hiking the Trail |  The RefrigiWear Fleece is a warm well made and will keep you warm. Now that the weather here in Arizona has cooled off this has been a great light weight jacket to wear for everyday life as well handy for day hikes. The fleece weight wise is heavier than most jackets I would normally take on day hikes, Read More

10,000 Birds | Now that the thermometer has belatedly registered some winter, I am here to tell you that I found the Women’s Vertical Puffer Jacket a very pleasant wearing experience. I tested it in windy lakefront conditions, nighttime chills, and even light precipitation. In every instance it kept me cozy. Read More

Hiking Lady | Now that it is January and the weather is colder in most parts of the country, including here in Southern California, it was a perfect time to give the RefrigiWear unisex Softshell Vest a try! Read More

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