Finding the Right Gear Just Got Easier – Introducing our new Gear Finder Tool

How to Find the Right Gear for the Cold

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You’re the go-to guy (or gal), the expert when it comes to getting the job done, who knows the importance of using the right tools for the job. But when it comes to finding the right kind of cold protection to keep you and your team warm in rough conditions, you might need an expert of your own. (You don’t know what you don’t know, y’know?)

With over 65 years of experience in subzero freezers, cold distribution centers and getting it done in the great (but often freezing) outdoors, we know the cold and what it takes to stay warm in the toughest conditions. No need for guesswork on your end. We created the Gear Finder tool, an easy way to match you to the right gear for your conditions. Just a few simple steps later and there you have it - your worry-free gear recommendations.

It’s a piece of cake to use it. Here’s how the Gear Finder tool works:

Step 1: Who are you shopping for?

Who is wearing the gear, a man or a woman? Some of our gear is specifically tailored for women for a better fit. A better fit means better protection from the cold.

Step 2: What can we help you find?

Are you looking for a jacket? Work boots? Gloves? We’ve got you covered with head-to-toe protection. 

Step 3: What temperature will you be wearing this product in?

Tell us a little about the environment. We have gear for every kind of cold, ranging from “cool, but bearable” to “Freaking cold, feels like subzero,” and even “Teeth-chattering cold!” Not sure we have what you need? We have gear rated to -60°F, so we can handle whatever temps you’re trekking into – trust us.

Step 4: What will you be doing?

Activity level plays a big role in finding the right gear. The more you move, the warmer you get. If you are very active, you won’t need as much heat-trapping power. But if you’re sitting for most of the day or doing some light walking, you’ll need more protection from the cold.

Step 5: Are there any special requirements?

Do you need high-visibility (HiVis) protection for hazardous or low visibility environments like road construction? And if moisture is a factor, you might consider waterproof or water-repellant gear.

Step 6: Choose your style

Whether you want a modern design, or you dig a classic look, we’ve got the gear to match your style without sacrificing warmth.

And that’s all there is to it. You’ll get our best recommendations based on what gear matches your kind of cold. 

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