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Extra Cold Weather Clothing Items Every Manual Laborer Should Have On Hand

When you’re working outdoors, it’s always good to remember that conditions can change on a dime. The weather forecast might not predict that sudden cold wind or a crazy drop in temperature once the sun sets.

The last thing you want is to spend the day working in conditions that aren’t healthy or comfortable for you. At best, it can mean an unproductive day, and at worst, it can mean injuries and illness. The best solution is to be ready for anything.

What extras should you be packing when the forecast is calling for a cold one? There are lots of potential options, and each one can be a lifesaver in the right situation. Any or all of these pieces from RefrigiWear could be the next great addition to your collection. 

Glove Liners

A warm and durable set of winter work gloves liners is a must. They can make your favorite gloves even better. That’s right—by sliding a pair of liners into your gloves, you can make them warmer and thicker or add useful qualities like moisture wicking. It’s one of the little extras that can make life a lot easier.

Our Wool Glove Liners are a great choice for a warmer and tougher pair of gloves. Need something super-flexible with moisture wicking? Try our Polypropylene Glove Liners. Plus, RefrigiWear offers our glove liners by the dozen, so you’ll always have a pair on hand to lend to a coworker. 

Thermal Socks

Socks are the low-key MVP of footwear. They’re the closest to your foot, they absorb tons of sweat and other gross stuff, and they keep your feet from rubbing against your boots. A cheap pair of socks can ruin your day by constantly sagging and sliding down or by not giving your feet enough protection from the cold. That’s why it’s crucial to have socks that you can depend on when you’re hard at work in the cold.

Looking for the best in cold-weather socks? Start with models like RefrigiWear’s Extreme Socks and PolarForce™ Socks. They both come with ventilation channels and are carefully crafted from Merino wool blends to give you warmth and comfort. And if you work in leather boots, our Leather Boot Socks will be a perfect fit, with a moisture-wicking design and arch and ankle bands for extra support.

Knit Cap

A good knit cap is a smart thing to keep on hand when the day suddenly turns frosty. Even if you don’t need one on the job every day, it’s easy to keep in your glove compartment or your work bag and then pull it out when the weather starts to turn.

If you’re looking for extra thickness and warmth, try out our Fat Cap, with its quad-layer acrylic knit and ultra-stretch design that fits sizes from Youth all the way up to 2XL—just what you need to find your perfect fit. If you wear a hard hat to work, check out our low-profile skull cap designs, like our Skinny Cap that fits perfectly underneath hard hats without sacrificing comfort and warmth. 

Breathable Base Layers

Layering is one of the major keys to keeping warm when you’re working in the cold, and great layering starts with warm and breathable base layers. These light underlayers are designed to fit seamlessly under your work clothes, and many of them include moisture-wicking technology that helps prevent your sweat from cooling on your skin.

RefrigiWear’s base layer models are second to none for breathable performance. We offer base layer shirts and base layer pants in warm and stretchy materials, like our polyester and Merino wool Base Layer Bottom and our polyester and Spandex Flex-Wear Top. Throw these on under your favorite RefrigiWear winter gear for a warmer and more productive work day.

At RefrigiWear, we use innovative designs and engineering to create accessories that keep you warm and working hard. We’ve got dozens of other awesome accessories like insulated vests and neck gaiters that will help you complete your winter work outfit. Browse our complete insulated workwear selection today and start creating your new winter workwear combo.