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Medical Costs of Preventable Injuries

A major budget-buster for companies is unexpected medical costs from work injuries. While most are truly accidents, many workplace injuries could have been prevented with the right gear. Safety equipment means an upfront cost – but that is cheaper than the cost of treating common workplace injuries.

Medical costs for workplace accidents aren’t the only way accidents create a deficit. You often also lose the employee for several weeks during treatment. Creating a Personal Protection & Safety policy that incorporates a range of gear can reduce costs and prevent injury. RefrigiWear has a broad range of gear for a variety of conditions and job functions, so your employees can stay protected and productive from – sub-zero freezers to cold construction sites. 

Slips, Trips and Falls:

Slips trips and fallsProblem: Slip, trip and fall injuries can come from improper footwear for the conditions. If work boots don’t have non-slip soles, or soles designed to handle cold transfer in low temp environments, you increase the risk of injury.

• Average Cost for Slip, Trip and Fall Injury: $20,000+
• Average cost of treating ongoing lower back pain: $19,000+
• Average cost of treating a torn ligament in the knee: $30,000+ 

Solution: Prevent slip, trip and fall injuries with proper footwear, designed for the specialized environment you work in. 


Problem: Frostbite is an injury caused by the skin and tissue freezing and Frostbiteeventually dying. Keeping warm blood flowing to the extremities is vital to preventing frostbite. 

• Treatment without amputation: $5,000+
• Treatment requiring a finger or toe amputation:

Solution: Prevent frostbite with proper protection, especially for the core and extremities. Protect extremities with insulated gloves and insulated boots paired with warm socks. Protect the core with base layers, vests and jackets.  

Hand Injuries:

Hand InjuriesProblem: Hand injuries can come in many forms: dropped pallets, bumps from impact, box drops, etc. Without protection designed for the job duties - as well as the environmental conditions - the risk of hand injuries increases

• Broken hand, without surgery: $1,500+
• Broken hand requiring surgery: $10,000+ 

Solution: Protect your employees’ hands with features like impact protection, cut resistance, advanced insulated, or high-dexterity gloves.