Personal Protective Gear Every Driver Should Have

As a Driver you need to be prepared for many scenarios – not just during your regular duties, but also in case of emergency. Whether that is protecting your hands from the impact of daily duties, dealing with rain in mild temps or snow in subzero temps, it is important to have the proper protective gear.

Insulated Winter Coat

Though you may have a lighter jacket you wear in the cab, it is important to have a jacket that can handle colder outdoor temperatures. SHOP MEN'S JACKETS

Mittens / Gloves

Protect your hands from impact, outdoor conditions, and cold/heat transfer with the proper gloves. SHOP GLOVES


Moisture is the enemy of comfort and warmth – you need to stay dry to stay comfortable and roductive. Make sure you are protected with waterproof gear. SHOP RAINWEAR

Headwear – Protecting Ears and Face

Protect your head, ears and face from rain, cold, wind, snow and more with adequate headwear. SHOP HEADWEAR

Safety Glasses

Protect your eyes with durable safety glasses  SHOP SAFETY GLASSES

HiVis Garments

Stay visible on dark roadways with a HiVis vest over your jacket – or opt for a HiVis jacket so you are always visible. SHOP HIVIS